Winter Party Planning

Winter Party Planning

As soon as the summer passes you by, the Holiday Season will be knocking the door, offering you time for Winter Party Planning! Party season is on and brings so much entertainment and fun for you.

Plan In Advance

You must plan it in advance to save time, efforts and any other contingencies. Talk to caterers, before they become busy to ensure the best service and pricing. The best caterers, with prominent reputations are much in demand and are hired early. Any delay at your end mean not being able to engage the expert caterer of your choice, and unfortunately that can lead to a hard luck in the success of your party and the memory that is going to stay with your guests for a long time. So early winter party planning is imperative to hosting a grand holiday party.

Selecting office as the winter party venue is most convenient for employees and will also promote business with your clients. Choose an early December date rather than later to ward off scheduling conflicts with guests.

Define Party Goal

Is the objective to party is to thank clients, key stakeholders and/or employees for their support and co-operation throughout the year? Are you planning to promote motivation, team building, and consolidate relationships amongst employees? What had been done in the past years and how well were the feedbacks received? Considering these factors will determine your party format and guest list.

Delineate Budget

If you have been entrusted with the responsibility of arranging the party, planning the event and you've been asked for submitting a budget request to your company, ensure to make plenty of basic calls and aptly do your homework to analyze pricing before you place a budget. Include décor and entertainment factors in your budget also.

Select the Right Caterer during Winter Party Planning

Referrals are the best source of information with any business. Other nice sources could be to search some of the more popular venues in your vicinity that rent their services to conduct social and corporate events and procure from them a list of referred caterers. A sure way to narrow down your list is if you again and again witness the same caterer listed on different venues list of referred caterers.

Now when you have your list prepared having a few caterers, note the responsiveness of each caterer. Did they reply the phone promptly and professionally? Did they listen to you and your requirements or did they do all the talking? Did they offer to get back to you with suggestions or a proposal to you and did they in fact do as they promised? If they aren't prompt and knowledgeable and do as they promise early during their first interaction with you while trying to win the business, it's all evident enough the standard of service they provide if they are hired by you.


Send across the invitations at least a month in advance. Apart from clearly writing the party date, place and time it's advisable to mention the type of dress code, if any, directions and parking facilities. Caterers will ask for a final guest list a week earlier to the event; therefore an RSVP deadline of 10 days prior to the party should clearly include a contact details like name, phone number, and email for receiving responses. It's becoming popular to email invitations to saving postage and paper costs; however attendance may drop if guests are not provided with gentle reminder.

Menu & Décor

Select a theme - traditional Holiday Party, Seasonal Winter Wonderland Party or a cultural influence will offer the party parameters that add flavor. Don't hesitate to be innovative while customizing the party using corporate colors, slogan, and company logo to highlight branding and promoting corporate identification and culture.

Communicate with party vendors daily to be in touch and confirm the important details. Especially when planning an event over a long course of several months. You want to ensure decisions are conveyed and details are documented. Don't select a menu considering personal taste in winter party planning to accommodate a diverse group of people and industry. Trust the catering expert to select a balanced menu with versatility, and their most famous and delicious items within your planned budget.

Consider Beverages in Winter Party Planning

Most corporate parties include alcoholic beverages. Hence your winter party planning must consider that limiting the options to beer, wine, and a specialty cocktail has become a customary alternative to offering a full bar. Ensuring a comprehensive and extensive menu is also an important element in keeping at bay embarrassing behavior.

Gifts and Entertainment

Will there be dancing, you must have the idea while winter party planning? The budget may indicate if you choose a live music, DJ, or simply have background music. Some kind of music is used to warm up the ambience and make the party more socially festive and conducive. Favors, awards, and prizes are important factors in making an impression with your guests and identifying their value to the company.

If it is a shoestring budget and does not allow a photographer, appoint a designated photographer to register the event for the company history. The Company President, Owner, CEO, or Manager should take the opportunity to greet and thank guests, as well as detail some highlights of the past year and plans and goals for the future.

Remember the Goals

After making your decision you must remember those goals and stick with them. If you change the plans for any individual person, you'll have countless separate requests which are impossible to ignore. The event should be great, memorable, fun, and make guests feel recognized. Any event you conduct must make a mark in the memories of your guests for a life time hence don’t leave any stone unturned in winter party planning be it a personal or professional.