Winter Party

Officially on March 3rd Winter Party begins which has been launched in the year 1994. It was organized as single occasion charity dance event on the sands of South Beach of Miami, but this Winter Party Festival has stretched to a week-long series of activities in the benefit of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on nation as well as regional basis.
Not to surprise that this festival and its allied event, the Miami Recognition Dinner, have generated over $2 million.

What the Party Offers

Besides being merely having a day at the beach, this Winter Party Festival offers the unique experience to LGBT people, their supporters, friends, and communities. Apart from being a major fundraiser, the event is also a significant revenue generator to Miami and Miami Beach's economy in terms of driving over 10,000 people from across the globe to South Florida every single year.

A Band of DJs

Witnessing more than 6,000 people dancing on the South Beach of Miami is among the many other attractions that attract thousands of people worldwide to the country’s grand LGBT fund-raising activities, the annual Winter Party Festival, which manifests shopping, art and culture, pool parties, cocktail receptions, and different other dance events with quality DJs and entertainment tools. Winter Party Festival 2010 took place in March 3–8 and, once again, which was thoroughly enjoyed by a large pool of LGBT community. Besides being a world class entertainment, the event generates important funds in the shape of dollars that benefit a large chunk of people throughout the year.

Other Aspects of Winter Party

Winter Party Festival is the brain child of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Two-thirds of the total fund generated from Winter Party Festival is distributed to the Miami-Dade LGBT community via a granting program conducted by the Dade Community Foundation, whereas the rest of the funds will be used by the Task Force.

Lifetime Memory

The incredible series of official Winter Party Festival activities offer people to cherish the lifetime memories. This event offer a great change in people’s lives through their experiences that they encounter in Miami Beach and through the people and companies that are the beneficiaries of this fundraising. It has been witnessed that visitors and locals alike enjoy all these events and activities that lasts for almost a week while harvesting the benefits of increase in the business that this event brings on yearly basis.

Winter Party Festival attracts people across the world to a place which is full of fun, amusement and most importantly they commemorate the unity and diversity of their community and at the same time supporting human rights.

Star Performances

The 2011 Winter Party Festival 2011 is being graced by the rocking stars - DJ’s Roland Belmares, , Chus & Ceballos, Brett Henrichsen, Alyson Calagna, Ted Eiel, Pride, Rosabel and Tracy Young.  In addition, eight famous and skilled DJs across the world has make their maiden appearance at Winter Party this year, including The Perry Twins, who brought with them their Los Angeles music to Miami for the Under One Sun Pool event on afternoon of March 6. Another Los Angeles famous, DJ Saratonin turned the tables on Saturday night when Pandora presents Industry, the famous women’s dance party in China Grill of South Beach.

Ana Paula from Rio de Janeiro brought her upbeat highly-energetic set to the Winter Party Beach 2010 Party on Sunday, March 7.  This musical legend has a growing legion of fans across the world. 

Both festival and the talent have been boundless with a new addition in the Winter Party Festival – when New York’s Hector Fonseca offered the guests a ride through Aftermath on Monday morning at Nocturnal in March 7, 2010.  And it all came to a close Monday night at Mova Lounge (earlier termed as Halo) where regional DJ Oren Nizri spins the Recovery Party.