Winter Party Games

When the snow is piling up outside, winter party games keep the warmth rolling inside. Winter party games are quite adaptable to fit every age group. It is better to organize and plan everything two weeks prior to the party to ensure to gather all of the required supplies before time.

Snowball Relay

You can use a small styrofoam ball identical to snowball for this indoor relay race. Prepare two teams of participants. Put a chair at the other end of the room. Provide a spoon and styrofoam snowball to each team. The first player from each team walks the length of the room, balancing the ball on the spoon, around the chair and reaches the place of start. These apparatus (spoon and ball) are passed to the next player of the team, who repeats the entire procedure. The faster team will win the prize.

Snowball Making

Divide the children into two groups. The first member on each team will be provided with a piece of tissue paper and crushes it into a ball using single hand. Then the child will place the snowball in the bucket. The next child repeats the same process of crushing the paper and putting the same into the bucket. This process will continue until the team has all their snowballs prepared and placed in the bucket. This game can be followed by a Snowball Throw.

Snowball Fight

White tissue paper is the perfect material to prepare snowballs for indoor snowball fight. Give each participant the same number of tissue paper pieces. Provide them sufficient time to prepare the snowballs out of the tissue paper. Make two teams of players, with a tape line dividing the room into two parts. Sticking to their respective sides, the team members will be throwing as many snowballs onto the other side as feasible. After a particular stretch of time, stop the snowball fight. The team having minimum quantity of snowballs on its side of the tape line will be the winner of the snowball fight.

Snowmen of Toilet Paper

Divide the invitees into groups consisting of four to five people each. Hand over a toilet paper roll and other accessories for decoration of showman to each group. Accessory may include mittens, scarves, hats, and construction paper. One person in each group will be the snowman of the group. The other team members cover the snowman entirely in toilet paper. Keep excess rolls of toilet paper in case the groups run out. After completing this step the team members use the accessories on the snowman for decoration. The most attractive and creative snowman will win a prize.

Ice Fishing

Hang a cardboard or sheet from ceiling. Create fishing pole by tying two ends of the string to the dowel and around the clothes pin respectively. You may also glue gun them in proper place to prevent it sliding off.

Now a guest stands behind the cardboard/sheet holding a basket filled with gifts to clip to the clothes pins. Kids cast their fishing lines over the "ice" and know that they've grabbed something when they feel stuck up on their line.

Shoe Box Relay Race

Put tootsie rolls at the other end of the room in a bowl. Hang a bell over the tootsie roll bowl from the ceiling. Divide the members into two or more relay groups. When you say “start” the first member on each team will put on their mittens, put their feet into the shoe boxes and run to the other end of the room where they will try to ring the bell using their nose They will then take a tootsie roll from the bowl and return to their team without losing their shoe boxes and mittens. Then they will pass the shoe boxes and mittens to the next group member in the team, sit down and eat their tootsie roll. The first team that will eat up their tootsie rolls will be the winners!

Snowball Over the Mountain

Divide the children into several teams as much as possible. A sheet is held between the two groups held by the 4 adults. Each group members will throw snowballs from their side over to the other side of the team. The team having least snowballs will win the game.

Open the Gift

In this game ask the children to sit on the floor making a circle. Play some music and ask the children to pass the "gift" around the circle till the music is on. When the music stops, the first layer of cover will be removed. The music starts again and the gift will be passed on again. In this way the process continues until the box is totally unwrapped. The box is then opened and all the children can share the candy.


Make number of groups of four or five children each. They would wrap up one of their members in toilet paper (leaving eyes and nose). When they've done with their "Frosty" ask them to use the construction paper and hat to decorate the frosty with. Allot them limited time for decorating the frosty. Prize the first completed frosty, most beautiful Frosty, ugliest Frosty, cutest Frosty, etc.

What's that Song?

Divide the people into different teams. The player draws a piece of paper from the stocking and reads it silently and hands it over to a person deputed for this work. The player must draw clues to guess what the song is and can also ask their team members to make a guess of the song. If the playing team can name the correct song, before the time is up, they will achieve two points.

If the playing team is unable to guess the correct song, before the timer runs out, the opposing team may take one guess. If the opposing team guesses correct song they get a point and the playing team loses a point. In this way the games goes on and most of the points are won.