Winter Party Dresses

Winter Party Dresses

Winter parties are always the perfect occasion to showcase yourself at your best. But at the same time it is important to add colors and fresh look to your child's wardrobe to suit the chilling climate. Let’s start with the girls first! There are some mandatory accessories that every little girl should have to combat the winter season which should also keep her look stylish and ward off the stress of mums of dressing their daughter properly specifically for parties.

These set of clothing should be comfortable, warm and trendy, whilst being capable enough to face the wetter and windier season. Coats should be durable enough to be put on and off several times and they should maintain their shape and size when washed.

But what are the articles the real essentials, which no mother and daughter both must be without?

A Velour Tracksuit

Cold season must not snatch the pleasure of doing our favorite activity we enjoy most. A popular activity is swimming for several families when it gets chillier, but trying to dress children after a swim may prove to be a herculean task. A velour tracksuit comes as a remedy which can be easily put on without any zips and buttons. Velour tracksuits are the perfect choice for outdoor activities. Fresh designs are trendy enough to wear when visiting the grandparents or even when going out for shopping.

A Warm Coat

Warm coats often synchronize with dull style specifically children's coats. Retailers appear to be helpless in making a great design that can adjust layers within and is simple for the child to fasten. But the new style in swing coats nullifies this problem. You can chuck a jumper and a top underneath; they will simply look great over boots and leggings or even over a smart party piece.

A Party Dress

Christmas and New Year are simply party time which must be welcomed open heartedly and you need to ensure that your daughter wear a party dress that can be pretty as well as comfortable. Little girls can do away with bright colors, so you could opt for purple or pink, or you could also choose evergreen black.

A Hoody

Staying warm on chilling winter afternoons becomes simpler with a nice big hoody to slip on over your dress. Hood and long sleeves make them snugly and your daughter will not find herself restricted by getting many layers on. You can choose some great cute designs or can also keep it plain. Either ways your little girl is definitely going to enjoy wearing a hoody, without appearing to be a 'chav'.

These are the important pieces of clothing that your little daughter should contain in her wardrobe. It will enable you to dress her for any specific occasion, be it after swimming, planning to visit the in-laws or sprucing up for Christmas day.

Winter Part Accessories

Besides been nicely dressed the other way of looking great is wearing party dress accessories. If you are puzzled to decide which accessories to wear with the right party dress, you should consider the style of dress. Remember you must not overdo the accessories. If your dress manifests lots of sparkle or embellishment, then go for some low key accessories. If you have a simple dress then you can decorate with a few more eye grabbing accessories.

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are also a magnificent way of accessorizing some glitz and glam to a party dress. They go especially well with the dresses along with a high or sophisticated neckline.

Micro Clutch

The micro clutch was prevalent in Christmas 2008 as the party bag. Although it is small but it can still make a mark as a style statement and grab the eyeballs. You should search for micro clutches embedded with crystals, studs or other cute embellishments and details. The micro clutch can completely fit in the fist of your hand. You should opt for only absolute essentials unless you have sufficient pockets.

Statement Tight

There are several fascinating styles to choose from i.e. dark colored opaques, glittery and patterned. Statement tights go well with a mini dress and are great way to showcase your nice legs.


The shrug has been there for several seasons and is expected to hold this status in the days to come also. It adds a bit of grandeur to a plain dress and covering up shoulders if you are not comfortable with. Search for beaded and jeweled shrugs in plain materials.


With a party or evening dress they add a tincture of luxury and elegance. Long black gloves with a long black dress are a perfect match. You can also experiment with several colors, lengths, and styles for really a decent look.

Killer Heels

A fascinating pair of high heel shoes will never lose its attraction. This year also you can find a plenty to choose from with a few very high heels that really is eye catching. Choose a really eye catching pair of shoes to match with a plain piece of clothing or statement pair coupled with a simple dress. Try wearing shoes in a contrasting color to catch the eye.

Jewelled or Embellished Flats

Embellished flat shoes are perfect alternative if you find high heels to be difficult to carry. They are not only decent and trendy enough for the evening but will also not restrict you from dancing when you wish to.

Flower Corsage

A flower corsage is again a good addition to a winter party dress. Look for exotic flower corsages i.e. orchids or unusual looking corsages. A black flower corsage paired with a dark colored partyware is a great combination. Traditionally tailored prom dresses also look great with flower corsages.

Statement Necklace

The statement necklace is an awesome way to draw attention towards face. Consider carefully the style of necklace and whether it will synchronize with the neckline of the dress. The shape and length of the necklace should ideally follow that of the dress. Simple strapless dresses are ideal for showcasing a really beautiful sparkling or glitzy wedding necklace.

Black Winter Party Dress

Black is all time favorite on every occasion paired with jewel tones or neutrals. Black is the background on which every other color shines.

Black is the best color you could rely on for any event or celebration. A black dress is the most versatile piece of clothing you could possess. It matches with anything. It can look decent, subtle, paired with a neutral jacket, or glamorous on its own with stocky earrings, shoes, a bag and a belt embedded with jewel toned rhinestones.

Wear a gauzy shawl for a magnificent look. Wear it paired with pearls for a feminine look. That little black dress acts like a chameleon. It changes from day to night, from demure, to sexy with combination of accessories.

Put it on with a dark colored jacket and stud earring and pumps in office. Remove the jacket when back from office and put on chandelier earrings and stilettos, touch up some makeup for the Christmas party at night.

During the time of party season, that little black dress can transform your look into entirely a different individual for every party you opt to attend. Make a new hairstyle with every combination and touch up your makeup differently each time for entirely a change look