Winter Party Decorations

Winter Party Decorations

Have you ever gone to a party having perfect music, food, maybe the perfect guests, and felt there was something missing but couldn't figure out what exactly? Many a times, hosts go overboard in arranging and planning their menu, guest list, entertainment, while one significant element goes overlooked. An extremely necessary component of a perfect party planning and execution is adequate effort and brain applied towards decorating the ambience in which the activities are held. Decorations can work towards making guests feel comfortable with allowing their hair down, relaxing, losing their inhibitions, and actually making them realize the occasion is there for partying.

Arranging decorations according to an occasion or theme can be as simple or complex as the host's wants it to be. The occasion often can enable you indicate the design and decoration options. Perhaps it is time for the yearly office winter party and you've been entrusted with the responsibility of arranging a party. Of course, you would like to make this party memorable than ever before, hopefully getting a nod of approval from your boss in the process.

Use Snow Machine

Handing paper streamers and streamers can be an option to add more life and fervor to your winter holiday party, but might seem too passe for your invitees. Perhaps it is time to opt for bigger options: rent a snow machine. You can make out "Winter Wonderland" including drifting and floating sugary flakes, asking partygoers to involve their sweet tooth with candy canes, sugary holiday treats and hot chocolates. Your office mates will be insisting for mistletoe and dancing beneath the shimmering flakes. How you can decorate your winter party? Let’s have a look!

Personalized Door Banners

There are myriads of winter decoration ideas to make the warm-fuzzy aspect of the holidays all through the rest of the cold season.
Personalized murals and vinyl banners are a great option to offer a nice winter look and feel to the Personalized Snowflake Door Banner for leveraging wintery warmth to your home.

Photo Card Standees

Display all the effort you’ve put into that perfect winter party card photo using Giant Photo Card standee. It may stands 3’ high and 6’ wide and is decorated with your own photo and greeting!

Winter Tree Standees

You can also use Winter Tree Standees which is a fantastic way to bring the charm of the outdoors in. These standees make your home or office lively or act as a wintry focal point at your events!

Metal Snow Arch

Greet your guests on this winter party with a piece of Let it Snow Arch. The amazing metal arch may be as tall as 9’ displaying a width of 6’ and it can be coupled with cardboard snowflakes and gossamer. You can also reuse the arch after the winter is over for any other occasion also removing the accents!

Snow Die-Cut Icicle Border and Ceiling Dangler

Bring some winter elegance to your walls and ceiling using Snowflake Ceiling Dangler and Die-Cut Icicle Border. They’re simple accents that may add flavor to your winter decorating.

Snowflake Table cloths and Centerpiece

Add some great decorating festivity to your centre tables in terms of a snowflake table cover and a snowflake gleam n’burst centerpiece.

Use Life-Sized Wall Graphics or Standees

Transform your family photos into life-sized standees and wall graphics to act as decors that will really brighten up your winter holiday get-togethers! You can take the help of profession to take your family photos and have them imprinted on wall graphics or sturdy cardboard standees that you can put on your wall without harming wallpaper or the paint.

Turn milestones of your family into standees

If you have some milestones in your family, recitals or sporting events, special events, metamorphose those into standees to manifest at your winter party dinner or other get together.

Mini Photo Standees

Mini Photo Standees make good centerpieces, especially if you have number of tables at your party. Place a mini photo standee containing pictures from your or from other family events at every table. These make great mementos too.

Spruce up photo Standees

Spice up your wall graphics or photo standees using speech bubble wall graphics. You can print your own custom wording on the 24” high and 54” wide wall decal which you can place next to your photo standee or wall graphic for displaying a fun message.

The great way to impress your invitees is your photo standees which will interact with them! The motion activated voice box is also an amazing way to add spice to your personal message. You can record your own message of almost twenty seconds of length and add the voice box to your standee. It should contain an on/off switch so that you can have control on it.

Top Hat Decoration

This Top Hat piece can be of 7’ high and 5’ wide and can be used with a 2010 sign and silver shimmer stars. This piece of décor is perfect for greeting guests at the door or you can also place this setting at the middle of you eventful home.

Gold, Silver and Black Winter Decorating Kit

You can spice up your party area with the Silver, Gold and Black Winter Party Decorating Kit. The kit can include two 8” honeycomb centerpieces, one 15” cutout sign, one garland of 14’ long paper, two 12” honeycomb balls, and four 12” foil D-C cutouts. This selection of decorations will look amazing with the Winter Party Theme Kits of other Top Hat Kits.


Balloons are great party decors and to make balloons really work for your event place each year’s balloons on each side of your party plot to transform the transition from the present year to the New Year Winter Season!

Santa Flight Standee

Accent the backdrop of your winter party placing the Santa’s Flight Standee. The standee can feature a print of Santa flying across a snowy area and stands almost 7’ high and 3’ wide.

Gingerbread Arch Standee

The Gingerbread Arch Standee is another classic idea to display an awesome entrance to your Winter Party. This 8’6” high x 10’6” wide arch displays festive sweet and wreaths along with getting your own personalize custom wording.

Ice Castle Kit

The Ice Castle Kit is also a fantastic idea for a winter theme banquet. You can use this cardboard made Ice Castle in purple and blue, with iridescent snow sprinkled all over. You can add your own words to personalize the castle. The castle may stand 10’8” tall and 7’8” of width. The Ice Castle Gate adds to the mesmerizing effect and the winter tree standees will act as a fascinating finishing touch.

Frosted Holiday Castle

The Frosted Holiday Castle is a fun and may act as an alternative to the Ice Castle Kit. It features a cardboard castle resembling a gingerbread that stands 7’3” h and 9’6” wide. You can also create the castle longer by adding three Frosted Castle Towers. The castle works as a great photo options for kids’ winter parties or play areas.

Decorative Pieces of Table wares

A well-decorated table is another way to add sparkle to your holiday festivals. Tableware ensembles are a classic idea to create an amazingly beautiful table that looks like a dream. The Shimmery Snowflakes ensemble is a nice selection! It features a burgundy background with Noel patter and shimmery snowflakes.

You can also try Holiday Buzz Tableware that features Christmas Trees, ornaments, and poinsettias carrying a polka dot background. It’s great choice for a fun family winter get-togethers.

For another option pair green and red solid plastic tableware or gold and red solid plastic tableware and add some personalized napkins custom containing your family name and logo or a slogan to flash a wonderful finishing touch.

You can also try to decorate your table by offering it few amazing holiday touches. Use red and green cover of table. You can also scatter snowflake confetti on it. You can use play cards of Christmas tree silhouettes. Use golden color to write guest’s names on every tree and place curling ribbon to place with them on cutlery bundles or glasses.

Beaded Table Runner

Try a beaded table runner with synchronizing chair bows to provide an elegant touch to your table. A simple accent like berry or holly garland can also do wonders. Organza star coasters make a great base for setting glasses on.

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Finally you can use wonderful centerpiece like the Winter Wonderland Cascade Centerpiece. You can also load up a Sweet Station Centerpiece and decorate it with Christmas cookies and other deserts. It’s fabulous and functional as well.