Winter Party Activities

Winter Party Activities

Winter shouldn’t curb your activities by any means whatsoever! You can still enjoy winter party activities in winter season. Those courageous enough to face the chilly winter seasons will find uncrowded fishing grounds, with amphitheaters of rugged snowcapped peaks.

Indoor Games

Indoor games enable the winter party to go well with a winter idea safe from chilling temperatures and snowfall. Opt for some conventional outdoor activities by obtaining some substitutes. For instance, make snowmen by sticking together white paper balls or Styrofoam balls. Safely discard "snowballs" inside made up of tissue paper crushed into balls.

Outdoor Games

Have sufficient winter equipment on hand for this winter party outdoor activity.  Building snow person, snowball fights, and creating snow forts add fun in the snow. Get enough sleds for each child to have one, conduct a relay race. Ask the children make two lines of even numbers at the bottom of the hill. The first kids in line will run to the top of the hill with the team. After reaching the bottom, they will tag other person, who will then take the sled and repeat the process. All the players will take turns to do the same activity and the team, having all the players sled down the hill fast will win the game.

Ice Skating/Broomball

You can also organize ice-skating as a part of winter party activity outside encouraging everyone to bring his own skates. If that is not possible, some public rinks might have skate rental available, but if that too doesn’t work, another activity for a winter party is broomball. This game divides players into two teams who hit a soccer ball toward hockey goals with brooms while wearing shoes and not skates.

What to Have on Hand

Hot chocolate with marshmallows offers a canvas for kids. In winter party children playing outdoors might get cold early than their friends inside. Arrange a blanket outside or create a warm, indoor site for the child to warm himself up. You can also provide warm, kid-friendly beverages like hot apple cider (without alcohol) and hot chocolate. Arrange numerous types of toppings for hot chocolate like peppermint sticks, sprinkles, whipped cream in cans, marshmallows, and cookies. Allow the children to top their own mugs of hot chocolate with their favorite toppings.

Games and Activities in Winter Party

Snow figures:  Arrange a pan of snow for every child or a team of two.  Also supply pieces of papers, cloth, pipe cleaners, beads etc.  Allow them to make a snow figure then prepare clothing for it.  Give prizes to each or let the kids vote the winner.

Snowball Relay:  Segregate the children into two groups. Furnish each group a plastic straw and their own small box for their snowballs made of cotton. Place a huge box about 8 to 10 feet full of cotton balls in front of the children. Ask the first two players reach the box of cotton balls. Using the plastic straw to breathe air through, the players will lift a cotton ball and keep it back to the box of his team. After discarding their cotton ball into the box the second players will also repeat the activity. If a player drops his cotton ball on his way returning to his box, he will pick it up with his straw not hands.

Blizzard Need a large area to play, without any furniture therein. The two ends of this place will work as goals, so mark off this area.  To start with, the players are divided into both the sides. A balloon or light-weight ball is placed in the middle and each player is provided with something that can work as a fan.  The goal is to blow the ball to another goal to score a point.  Decide number of goals or time to end the game.

Peep Box:  One shoe box per child will be required.  Miscellaneous supplies will include glitter, batting, glitter, small toys and figures, pictures saved from old cards, tiny branches and tissue paper. Punch in a peep hole into the box.  Let the kids frame a scene on the inside by the materials provided. Once over, cover the top of the shoe box with tissue paper, and seal the same around the edges.

Icicle Hunt:  Conceal pieces of white yarn of different lengths.  Ask the kids find them. The game will end when the longest icicle will be discovered by any of the child and he will be declared as winner.
Ice Fishing:  A huge basin covered in white cardboard, with a hole made in the middle is required.  Cut the fish from cardboard and place a paper clip on its nose, create fishing rods using sticks, making a magnet end. Have prize tags dangle with the fish for whoever catches it.

Cat and Mouse: One child will play the role of cat and will hide. The rest of the children will become mice and clandestinely reach the cat's hiding place and scratch. This is the sign for the cat to chase the mice and attempt to catch one. Then choose another child to become the cat until every child has taken the turn to be cat. Music can also be played to make the atmosphere more vibrant for winter party activities.

All the Bunnies

Ask the children to lie on the floor, in the pretext of sleeping and play a bunny song. It can be done in a relatively limited space. The song can easily be adapted for any other theme or animal like balloons, frogs, leap, etc.

Candy Sleigh

You will require, one normal size Hershey bar or any other candy bar, two candy canes, a piece of paper to wrap, and curling ribbon.

Wrap the candy bar using Christmas wrapping paper. Tape the two candy canes to any of the sides on the bottom, creating the runners for the sleigh. From the front of the sleigh bring the ribbon up and back down allowing the ribbon to pull the sleigh.

In the same you can also something for older school age groups to entertain them in winter party.

You will require 3 round oatmeal containers, 3 bean bags, masking or duct tape. Place the oatmeal containers in a single file line. Put a line of tape where child will stand, and don’t allow them to cross this line. Each child will try to discard the bean bags into the buckets.