What Is Washing Machine

Washing machine is a machine used for washing laundry with the help of water and detergent. Clothes are loaded in the tub along with water and detergent, the machine starts agitating the clothes as the switch turns on. Then after washing, it rinses the clothes to remove detergent. Finally it dries the clothes and removes the dirty water.

How are Washing Machine Made?

The manufacturing of washing machine is divided into parts. These are:-


It is the process of making its different individual parts. Metal sheets are folded into desired shape by a special machine called press. Any plastic parts that are used in a machine such as control valve, knob, drain pipe etc are made by an injection mold process.


It is the process of combining different parts so that the specific components are formed. Firstly water pump and motor are assembled. Secondly transmission is assembled to control the direction and speed of agitator. Thirdly the tub parts are made and rolled into a drum shape; its sides are then welded. The bottom surface is then welded onto the drum and all welds are smoothened. Fourthly the balance ring is built which is quiet heavy and stabilizes the washing machine from moving when it is in use. Lastly the steel sheet that forms the outer covering of the machine should be painted in desired color.


It is the process of putting together different components of a washing machine. The sub - assemblies are combined to form the final product. The transmission of the washing machine is mounted on the balance ring which is bolted on the wash tub. This assembly is then lifted onto the base of the washing machine and springs are used to hold them together. Agitator is attached to the transmission by a plastic hub. The pump is bolted on the motor and sealed to prevent leakage. This assembly is bolted to the base of the washing machine and attached to the transmission with a belt and hose. The lid, graphic panel and control valve are mounted on the cabinet and drain hose and wire run through the cabinet.