What is a High Efficiency Washing Machine?

A high efficiency washing machine uses very less amount of water and energy for washing clothes. High efficiency washing machine uses 40% less amount of water and energy saving is estimated at 50% with every load as compare to conventional washing machine. These are available in top-loading and front-loading design.

A high efficiency washing machine performs a tumbling action rather than agitation motion, so it does not require level of water to rise to the top of the level of the clothes as in conventional washing machine. The tumbling motion allow clothes to rotate freely in a high efficiency washing machine, thereby resulting in a efficient and effective cleaning with less wear and tear on clothes. The tumbling motion gently wash clothes without pulling them violently around the vertical shaft as an agitator in conventional top loading washing machine does.

High efficiency detergents are used in this washing machine because they have fewer suds and less amount of water is required for rinsing. These washing machine rinse clothes several times with clean water so that no residue of the detergent is left. The spinner or drier of a high efficiency washing machine rotates at high speed which extracts more water from the clothes during the spin cycle. Consequently clothes contain less water content and can be dried quickly.

High efficiency washing machine is environmental friendly because they use less amount of water, less detergent and less electricity. Moreover it makes less sound as compare to conventional washer.