What Causes a Washing Machine to Make Noise?

Noise is an integral part of a compound machine like a washing machine. Some clicking, swooshing, occasional banging or thumping is common when a washing machine is washing your clothes. However, if you cannot identify the source of a particular noise, if the noise is strange or if it is too loud, then you need to check for issues and may be call a professional.

Shipping Rod

Many of the newer machines (after 1995) come with a shipping rod in their bottom, which must be removed during installation. If not removed, it will cause noises (bangs, thumps, grinding, bumps and rattles) while the machine is in the spinning mode. You need to remove this rod and use it only when moving the machine.

Drain Hose

An ill fit drain hose can also cause thumps, rattles and bangs. You just need to secure it properly.

New Machines

For the first five washes, it is normal for a new machine to make a squeaky noise while spinning. If it continues after that, you need to seek the help of a technician.

Drain Pump

It is normal for a machine to make slurping, sucking or gurgling noises before or while spinning. The drain pump makes these noises while draining water out of the machine. It must stop once the water is completely drained out.

Unbalanced Load or Leveling

If you put more than the recommended load in your machine or if the machine is not on a level surface, you may hear metallic clunking or knocking sound. Reducing the load and adjusting the machine’s legs would solve this. Sometimes when you start the machine after a pause, you might hear similar noise. You need not be alarmed, as this would stop. It is not a cause for concern.


If coins, clothes or other things are stuck in the tub, below the drum, you can hear horrendous noises when the machine is running. You need to look for such obstructions and remove them.

Wear Out

The motor, drum bearing and belt face normal wear and need periodic checking, repair or replacement. These parts when worn out may give rise to squeaking or rumbling noises.