Western Wear

Western wear is a great source of pattern and style for the developing and under-developed countries. It is so often seen that new fashion travels to the western world ahead of any other country. The western wear is nowadays being followed by many houses that are keen to grow their market share by manufacture of such products.

Vintage western wear: Nowadays with the passage of time, people are inclining to traditional dresses:

For example:

  • Ranch Outerwear and Cowboy scarf
  • Brand Scarves
  • Frontier blouses
  • Parasols
  • Cowboy Polka Dot Scarves
  • Prairie dresses
  • Paisley print scarves
  • Aztec print scarves.

Case Study: In a recent survey conducted in the United States and several parts of Europe, it was felt that people wish to appear in unique and vintage manner. Many eminent names in the world of fashion are now manufacturing these vintage western wear to meet the changing preferences of their customers.

Western show wear: Western show wear are the most common form of dressing in the western world.

  • It may take the form of western hats, a combination of informal dresses and small and mini-sized garments.
  • For women, these may include western outfits such as skirts and scarves; and for men, this may include informal shirt and trousers.
  • Kids may be better placed with attractive and colorful clothes enhancing their overall outer appearance.

Justin boots: These boots exhibits a great and rich western tradition and are primarily associated with high degree of durability and quality. These boots are believed to be as strong as the physical structure of the cowboys and cowgirls who are the leading customers of such boots.

Examples: There are many varieties of Justin boots, namely:

  • Justin cowboy boots.
  • Justin casual boots.
  • Justin work boots.

These boots are believed to meet all the strenuous needs of their customers and above all, they help to maintain a great tradition.

Ariat: Ariat is a market leader in the field of footwear technology. The company is a pioneer in the field of durable, comfortable and quality footwear by the use of latest technology.

Examples: Some of the renowned brand products are:

  • Cascade 8-inch boots for men.
  • Heritage western J-toe boots for women.
  • Santa Cruz Mule for women.
  • Heritage roughstock for men.

Case Study: Its latest Cobalt technology makes the use of encapsulated gel in the heel and forefoot to give a high overall cushioning. Ariat footwear is reckoned for impeccable impact absorption by its existing customers who simply swear by its brand quality.

The fort western wear

  • Something in life cannot be compromised at any stage and this is perfectly true with the fort western wear.
  • Times have changed but the enthusiasm in the minds of people with regard to these dresses has remained the same.
  • Traditional cloth makers and modern-day cloth manufacturing houses make sure that the changing cloth preferences are duly incorporated in the fort western wear.

Women's western wear

  • Modern prevailing fashion trends all over the globe have led manufacturers and customers to incorporate some changes in the patterns, design and appearance of western wear.
  • In the traditional times, women were seen wearing long western gowns at social gatherings but now that has been replaced by slightly small or even mini-sized dresses.
  • There are many big names in the world of fashion industry who nowadays strive for positive changes in the women segment.

Kid's western wear

  • With an enthusiastic and complete change in the men and women dress segment, there is no reason why the kids are left behind.
  • Many of the big names exhibit their fashion products for this young people who like to adore colorful and attractive dresses.
  • Colors like baby pink, sky blue and sketches of cartoon characters are embedded on the dresses to give a colorful and appealing look.

Children's western wear

  • Children are the God's sweetest creation and no modern-day fashion house can ignore this very fact.
  • This is the primary reason why these houses strive for making unique and attractive look to children's western wear.

Examples: Nowadays, kids can be seen in:

  • T-shirts
  • Dangree
  • Jacket
  • Trouser
  • Hats