Wedding Table Decorations Ideas

Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair and every bridal couple wishes for an enchanting wedding, one that will evoke the romance and love of a young bridal couple.  Organizing a wedding requires imagination and lots of hard work, and every aspect of the wedding will have to be planned beforehand.

Wedding decorations would include decorating the reception venue, the tables and what else.

Table decorating ideas for a Wedding

The reception is the major part of the wedding once the all important nuptial ceremony is over.  The reception creates the mood for the wedding and determines the success of the wedding celebrations.  A major part of the reception decor are the decorated tables.  Tables that enhance and coordinate the reception décor play a large role in initiating an evening that guests will remember for a long time.

Though tables sound so innocuous, tables are where your guests will spend the major portion of their time, either conversing, or eating or listening to the wedding speeches.  Tables should be so decorated as to instantly create an ambience of elegance combined with utility. 

Types of Wedding Tables

Prior to embarking on table decorations, it is important to know the different types of tables that are required for a wedding reception.

The Head Table is a long rectangular table for the bridal couple and their families.

Sweetheart Table, if the décor requires it, is an intimate table for just the bride and the groom.
Cake table, next in importance to the bridal table, is most often a showpiece of the reception.
Buffet table if the guests are to be served a buffet.

Guest table, the size and shape of these tables need to be coordinated with the overall décor.
Signing table, where the guestbook is kept and lastly a Gift table.

Shape and Arrangement of the Wedding Tables

The shape and the style in which the tables are arranged define the décor of the reception.  Small, oval or round tables are more elegant than square tables.  Tables can be strewn across the hall or arranged in small clusters such that conversation is not constrained.  If tables are strewn around then, they need to be larger tables, but not too large to isolate each table.  If the reception offers a buffet, then the buffet table has to be in a U shape.  Add a backdrop to the head table and isolate the cake table to let it bask in its resplendent glory.

Wedding Table Covers, Runners and Centerpieces

Pristine white is an ideal choice for a table cover but alas white shows up the slightest stain which mars the overall look of the table.  Instead choose a table cover which complements the wedding colors, like pale blue for a winter wedding or sunshine yellow for a summer wedding.  These colors while enhancing the overall color combination serve a purpose, they effectively conceal stains.

Place an embroidered or lace centerpiece in a contrasting shade atop which you can place the table centerpiece.  Make sure the table is draped all over its edges.  You can use ruffles, ribbons and even tulle to form the drape covering for tables.  Use place napkins imaginatively to coordinate the table decorations.

The head table and the cake table need more enhanced decoration.  These tables are the centre of the reception and hence require more attention to detail and decoration. Remember too that these tables will be photographed more often than the guests’ tables.

The bride’s table has no seating on one side and hence this part of the table can be easily decorated with twinkle lights, garlands of flowers that are chosen for the wedding, draped tulle held together by sprigs of greenery and swags of small flowers.

The cake table is not hampered on either side by any furniture; it is simply the centre of attention. Allow thetable cover to fall till the floor, attach fabric drapes over the edges held with large bows in a contrasting shade.  Twinkle lights discreetly placed and small bouquets at intervals greatly increase the attractive quotient of a cake table.

Wedding Table Centerpieces

An exquisite centerpiece is the highlight of a table decoration.  Mostly seasonal fresh flowers, with sprays of green fern work well; another alternate favorite is a cluster of different sized candles or pillar candles of varying lengths.  Small bowls filled with water with floating candles or flower petals is another idea for a centerpiece.

Unique centerpiece ideas like a vegetable carving or an arrangement of fresh fruits or a basket of wedding favors add a different charm to the decoration. 

Wedding Table Sprinkles   

The ultimate touches to the table decoration are sprinkles that add to the overall design element. Sprinkles can vary from differently sized confetti to fresh rose petals, or golden glitter.  Small rose buds, sea shells or glass beads too make ideal sprinkles.

Wedding Table Illumination  

Lighting at the reception hall enhances the table decorations, either throwing them in sharp relief or in subdued tones of light.  You can choose dimly lit chandeliers combined with lit pillar candles as centerpieces.  You can also have discreettwinkle lights intertwined in the greenery.  Else go all out and let the lights blaze, and during the dance you can dim the lights.

Wedding Table Place Settings

The cutlery should always be first grade, including glasses and other functional items.  Elaborately folded napkins in a contrast shade of the table cover can be placed on individual plates.  Handmade place cards lend an elegant touch plus make your guests feel special. 
Cover the chairs in fabric that coordinates with the color of the table cover and held with a large bow.

Last but not the least, do not crowd tables or place them too near or far away from each other.  Centerpieces should not be bulky and large; they take away from the look of the table.  Plan everything in advance so that on the D-day all function smoothly.

With a little imagination and help from near and dear ones, it’s possible to create a stunning reception, with well decorated tables, that enhance the meal and make for fond memories.