Wedding Reception Ideas

Every bride-to-be dreams of a magical fairy tale wedding, which would mark the beginning of her new life. With just a little imagination, planning and pitched efforts from family and friends you too can have a wedding reception that guests would remember for a long time. You can get creative with ideas, and fulfill all your dreams by planning a reception, that would only be constrained by your budget. First plan your budget, then work within its limits and see the difference that personal attention can bring about in your wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Ideas

After the wedding ceremony, the most important event is the wedding reception. This is the time the bride hand groom meet the guests and thank them for joining in the celebrations, by laying out a reception that would make each guest feel appreciated. Hence the reception requires careful attention to detail and planning to ensure a successful reception.

The venue is the first and foremost necessity for the success of your wedding reception. Once the guest list has been finalized, reserve an appropriate venue that can easily accommodate your guests. Once the venue has been booked it allows you and the staff at the establishment to prepare for the big occasion.

Now prepare a budget with clear provisions for decorations, food, beverages, and other miscellaneous expenses that crop up during thereception.

The theme and color scheme that have you in mind must all fall within your budget limits. The theme depends on the season you are getting married; summer season affords more outdoor reception ideas, whereas winter will confine your reception indoors. Summer wedding receptions can be held in a garden, lawn, under a marquee, beach or a botanical garden. Winter wedding receptions can be held in a church, cathedral, resort, or an old mansion, a museum or an old castle for a fairy tale wedding.

Whatever theme and venue you choose some reception ideas remain common to all types of wedding receptions.

The theme chosen for the wedding must create an ambience of gaiety and warmth that will unite family, friends and guests in a common celebration. The gateway to yourreception must set the tone for the wedding, its decoration and structure will reflect your taste and the ambience within the venue. It will also feature prominently in photographs as you enter the venue as a married couple. Some unique ideas to decorate the entrance or archway is of course garlands of flowers and ivy, soft twinkle lights, intertwined fabric in the color scheme you have chosen interspersed with sprays of fabric flowers. If yours is a winter wedding incorporate a snow theme, with the archways laden with artificial snow and sprinkled with red roses and green holly. Let the path up tothe venue be strewn with a carpet of flower petals.

Wedding Reception Venue

The guests have now entered the venue, so the focus is now on the inside of the reception venue. Carry the color combination of the gateway within and focus on a harmony of the few colors chosen. Too many colors will clash and end up looking like a circus. Say the colors chosen are white, ivory and sapphire, then go for drapes of these colors, tied with red organza bows.  Flowers and candles are an eternal favorite.  Use the seasonal flowers in abundance and lighted pillar candles for the dancing afterwards.

Wedding Reception Tables and Centerpieces

The wedding reception tables and centerpiece are next on the list after the decorations within the reception venue. The table linen should coordinate the colors you have chosen. A longer tablecloth in white with ruby red toppers or sheer lace centre pieces, or a crochet covers in ivory over an ice blue table cover.

The piece de resistance is the centerpiece on the table. A bowl filled with roses on a pristine white table cover, or a cluster of candles in a crystal dish amidst strewn flower petals. Candelabrums also add an elegant touch to the centerpiece.  

The napkins and the cutlery should be of good quality, so clear this issue in advance with the staff at the venue. Cleanliness should also be stressed. These issues need to be handled by a family member prior to the reception to ensure good service.

Wedding Reception Food

The spread that you offer the guests again depends on the weather and your budgetary constraints. Lighter and less heavy foods can be served in summer, so offer salads, grilled entrees, barbequed meats, and a selection of sorbets, ice-cold floats and a selection of ice-creams.

Winter menus include the traditional heavy foods like roast turkeys, beef stews, selection of ham and beef dishes, cheese and beverage include wines, tea and coffee.

Put up a White Bar, serving only vodka, rum, wine and champagne.  It is economical and serves as a base stock.

The cocktail and hors deouvre need to be very light, so that they do not detract from the main meal.

The wedding cake is an integral part of a wedding reception, so give it the place of honor where guests can admire it. The cake table can be covered in tulle gathered at intervals with contrasting colored bows, and strew flower petals around the table. The cake also is in the color scheme you have chosen. A pristine white three tiered cake for a snowflakes theme or a dark chocolate cake for a fall wedding.

Wedding Reception Favors

Favors that are simple are the best. Homemade favors like candy wrapped in sheer fabric, small packet of seeds, small potted plants, Christmas decorations in a transparent box, fragrant pouches are a few favors that you can go with. A personalized favor speaks of the care taken by you towards your guests.

Wedding Reception Music

Music serves as a pleasant background as the wedding reception progresses and is a natural unifier once the party really begins.

It is best to reserve a local band to do the honors at your wedding reception. Let the band members play the flute and violin in a semi-circle around the bride and groom as they cut the cake. Music need be only classical till the party really gets going.

The wedding reception reflects your taste and elegance, and personal attention by the couple will ensure that it is a successful and a memorable occasion