Wedding Invitation Ideas

Weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion and every couple would want it to be a perfect and memorable event, one that marks a joyful beginning to their new life. To make your wedding an occasion to be remembered for a long time to come, you need to give your personal attention and effort to all the details that go into a wedding. Your taste and elegance will be reflected in all aspects of the wedding, right from the wedding invitations to the wedding favors that you create for the guests.

Use your creative talents, and give free rein to your imagination to design and plan a truly distinctive wedding. Once you decide the wedding date, first design your own wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Readymade cards do not do justice to what you really have in mind. Crafting your own wedding invitation cards gives immense satisfaction of a work well done and up to your specifications.

Availability of easy to use computer software, invitation kits, and handcraft do it yourself kits has added to the increase in personal handmade invitations.

 Wedding invitations are as expressive as the paper or card chosen. There are many options available in the market and depending on the theme you have chosen you can choose between the formal and casual type of paper andcard. There is linen or cotton paper, both types of paper exude an elegant look, but are a mite expensive than card or normal paper. A formal wedding requires vellum for the invitation cards. Vellum is translucent with a frosty appearance and lends an elegant look to the invitation. The best option though is to use pre-made blank cards, which come in a variety of types from the rough textured to the velvet smooth. They also come in various sizes and colors with envelopes to match. It saves time on cutting cards, measurements and folding. The neatly folded and cut cards impart a clean professional look to the invitation. Simply buy the cards you need by gross weight. These blank cards lend themselves to decorations and embellishments.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

If you are planning a Western style theme, print your invitations on heavy Victorian card type or on a scroll in rustic paper with some western fonts. The theme of the wedding should be reflected in the wording and use symbols of Stetson, wagon wheels or stage coaches. You can also purchase cards in the shape of a covered wagon, cowboy hat or a horseshoe.

For a beach wedding print your invitations on sea-shell, starfish or conch shaped card. Better still print your invitation on parchment, roll it and tie with a delicate ribbon and insert in small plastic bottles. Pack the bottles in cardboard tubing and then mail them. Use sea-blue colored cards and sprinkle beach sand near the edges and paint rolling waves over half thecard.

For a winter wedding, you can purchase cards with a holly and red rose’s border in ivory or pristine white or download a snowflake illustration and print on a white card. Embellish the card with silver glitter and tie up with a silver cord.

A fall wedding invitation can be done in two layers of paper and vellum with skeletal leaves, in the color combination you have chosen for the wedding. Printthe invitation on the vellum and secure on the paper or card that is bigger than the vellum. Attach a spray of the skeletal leaves and secure the invitation in a golden colored satin ribbon.

Another idea for a simple card is a one page card, enclosed in a vellum wrap secured by a coordinating colored bow. The card inside is embellished with fluttering butterflies in red across one side.

Choose a card with a deep red border and insert in white on which the invitation is printed. Secure the card in red ribbon and bow and glue a small fabric red rose on the bow. It is an easy to make and elegant card.

For a pink wedding, craft pink wedding invitations. A pink card pasted on top with pink vellum with two small red roses in fabric pinned on one corner. The paper insert is of a lighter shade of pink.

Use a single rectangular card in white with the invitation in black type and covered with a silver printed vellum. Secure the card and vellum at the top with an organza ribbon. It is a simple but stunning card.

The Internet is an excellent tool to obtain designs, free downloads of fonts, symbols plus tutorials on how to craft an excellent invitation.

The wording of the invitation needs to match the theme of the wedding. Formal weddings require the invitations to be precise and formal, following all the etiquettes of a formal wedding. For a non-formal or casual wedding, you can take liberties with the wording. Mail your invitations at least six weeks prior to the wedding and make sure you include a RSVP.

Crafting your own wedding invitation, saves money plus allows you to indulge in your ideas and create an invite that will have no equal in the market. You can afford the pleasure that the wedding invitation is unique and will be remembered for a long time.