Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding is a special occasion, beginning of a new life for a couple and of course the most remarkable day in every one’s life. Apart from just celebrated as a function, it has lots of meaning. The day when the couple takes pledge to commit for each other, to care for each other and to love for each other. Even from long before, the practice of giving gift to the couple had begun. Friends and relatives who attend the wedding ceremony will carry a sweet gift for the wedding couple to express their love and shower their blessings up on the newly wedding couple. The gift which you choose must be based on your closeness towards the couple. Also try to make your gift a unique one which makes it out standing from all other gifts. So next time when you go for your dear one’s marriage, gift the newly weds with a stunning and surprising gift which they will cherish through out the life.

A Hotel Room To Stay On The First Night:

A lavish hotel room for the couple to stay on the first night will make your gift remembered for their entire life.

Honey Moon Package:

The couple will be quite surprised to receive a gift in the form of honey moon package. This is the most enjoyable gift you can give. Along with the travel voucher to their favorite honey moon destination, you can also gift them accessories essential while on travel.


You can gift the couple a platinum ring with diamond stones in it. Buy rings for both of them. You can also gift a gold ring to the bride and a platinum ring to the bride groom.

Necklace For The Bride:

A gold necklace is a perfect gift to be given for the bride. Try to buy a rare collection necklace which looks unique.

Chains For The Bride Groom:

The bride grooms can be gifted with simple chains made up of platinum, palladium or silver. In this case also try to buy a rare collection which might make your gift look unique.

Jewelry Box:

A Jewelry box will be quite useful for the bride to store her jewelries safely. So gift her with a beautiful jewelry box which looks unique.

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger:

A door hanger with the words “Do Not Disturb” will be a simple, funny and very useful gift to be given for the couple.

Wedding Candles:

It is really a good idea to gift the couple with a set of wedding candles of attractive color, attractive shape and with a wedding theme on it.

Wedding Cake:

You can gift the couple with a wedding cake of any flavor like chocolate, butter scotch, vanilla etc. It is better to choose a cake with heart shape. You can also decorate the cake with candles and some wishes written on it with cream.

Wedding Dress:

You can also gift the couple with wedding dress. But remember to gift it at least two days before the marriage as they can make some alterations in the size if needed. Choose a red or white colored dress for bride and a black or white colored one for the bride groom.

Wedding Brooch For The Bride:

A wedding brooch with some precious stone works on it is a perfect gift to be given for the bride.

Photo Frames:

Photo frames with the couple’s names engraved on it will make your gift look unique. You can also engrave some wedding wishes on it.

Digital Photo Displayer:

The newly weds will be very much in need of a photo displayer to display their wedding photos and also honeymoon photos. So is really a good idea to gift them with a digital photo displayer.

Bridal Purse:

You can gift the bride with a bridal purse. But before buying the gift try to know which color clothing she is planning to wear on wedding day. This will really make your gift a stunning one.


A pair of watch of same brand specially designed for couple is a perfect gift to be given on wedding day.


Perfumes of famous brand can be given as a wedding gift. But keep in mind to buy separate perfumes for each of them.


Camera is a very useful thing required by the newly weds especially while on honey moon trip with which they can take photos of their golden times of life. So it is a perfectly good idea to gift them with a camera especially a digital one with video recording system.

Framed Wedding Invitation:

It is a good idea to gift the couple with their own wedding invitation framed beautifully in an elegant way. This gift will really be cherished by the couple for a life time.

Electronic Home Appliances:

If the couple is having plan to shift to new house or a new flat then it is a smart idea to gift them with electronic home appliances like TV, DVD player, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, iron box, lamps, vacuum cleaner, bread toaster, Air conditioner etc.


You can also gift the couple with furniture like bed, sofa set, dining table, dressing table, chairs, cheval mirrors etc. Before buying the gift make sure it fits and suites the couple’s room.

Decorative Show Pieces:

Decorative show pieces like crystal wares, paintings, ceramic show pieces, wall hangings etc. can also be given as wedding gift.

Bed Spreads And Bed Sheets:

Bed spreads and bed sheets of beautiful color along with blanket is another ideal item to be given on wedding day.

Room Decoration:

It is a perfect idea to decorate the couple’s room especially with flowers as your wedding gift.