Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers: Since time immemorial flowers have been enthralling human being with its astonishing beauty and aroma. The exquisiteness and the fragrance remain ever lasting and appreciable in the human mind like the recollected memory. Romance starts with the beauty of flowers and continues to preserve its value and purpose long after through purpose like greeting, wedding, anniversary and so on.

Purpose of flowers

Flowers are used for various purposes like :

  • therapeutic value
  • dietary purposes
  • decorating for many occasions including wedding.
  • Flowers also have several silent languages to speak like it articulates the language of friendship, love, reverence, joy, happiness and peace.
  • Previously, flowers were used to denote secret code like red rose symbolizes love, whereas lotus represents divine feminine fertility.

For example

  • Laurel signifies Glory and Fame so in traditional times crowns made of laurel flowers were set up in the heads of winning soldiers.
  • Flowers that are utilized for wedding signify the love and wishes of everyone. These wedding flowers are used to make crown, garlands of the bride and bridal bouquet.

Wedding Bouquets: Wedding is treated as the life's prehistoric and astonishingly unchanged cremation of passage. Each and every traditions of present day are the reverberations of the earlier period. Thus, the previous tradition is still integrated through wedding.

  • In wedding from the beginning of this customs, the bride use to carry bunches of herbs, garlic or grains producing fragrance to remove the shadow of the evil spirits when flower were not introduced.
  • With the growing passage of time different flowers are used in the various occasions as it signifies eternal love and fecundity.

Wedding bouquets: Presently, flower bouquets are specially made for wedding purposes which are carried by the bride. Wedding bouquets have become necessary for the bride to carry before the marriage ceremony.

Why Wedding flowers pictures: For each and every human being, wedding is special occasion in life and an introduction to a new life. In this great occasion flowers play a vital role to make it a special one.

  • Thus, there are various ways of arranging flowers in wedding as it produces an outstanding effect.
  • In some wedding, professionals are appointed to make the flower arrangement like they should decide the floral idea, color and which flower is best suited for what purpose as it brings variations in life.

Wedding flowers pictures: One can incorporate own themes regarding flower arrangements which reflects personality. Individual can also prepare floral arrangement by taking the ideas from the wedding flower picture catalogues which are now available in plenty.

Fall Wedding Flowers

  • Flowers generally bloom in autumn, which comprises the month of September and October and during those months the actual fall of the wedding flowers takes place.
  • Also the proper aromas of the flowers of various species are spread out.

Silk wedding flowers: Although previously when flowers were first introduced for wedding purpose during that time fresh flowers are much more appreciated but presently silk wedding flowers are also in great demand by the brides.

  • These flowers are popularizing because they are more realistic and also spread the original aroma.
  • The costs of these flowers are also very less expensive and have it own beauty to spread when the bride carries it and thus makes the bridal party look awesome.

Wedding flower ideas

  • Flowers generally produce a creative effect and reflect one's personality in the wedding when it is utilized for the wedding purpose.
  • Decorating the wedding ceremony with flowers make the occasion a special one filled with full of joy.
  • So, in order to decorate the ceremony people sometime hire experts who with innovative wedding flower ideas make the ceremony a stunning one.
  • Sometimes, people also take ideas about the wedding flowers from various catalogues.

Wedding centerpieces

  • Not only the flowers but also the wedding centerpieces play a significant role.
  • These wedding centerpieces are also necessary in the wedding ceremony to make the occasion more decorative and special.

These wedding centerpieces can be of various types like:

  • candles
  • flowers vases
  • picture frames
  • decorative letters

wedding tulle reflecting various themes like:

  • spring
  • autumn
  • winter
  • Asian.

Wedding cakes: Wedding cakes also plays an important function in the joyous ceremony.

  • These cakes are distinctively prepared for the wedding purpose.
  • The cakes are prepared by the professional bakers who design a unique cake which enhance the beauty of the occasion.
  • Sometimes, people also choose cakes design from the catalogues.

Case study: Thus, there are various items which are to be accumulated in order to make the wedding ceremony a distinctly a special one where the wedding flowers plays the significant part.

For example: The wedding ceremony that took place at Pretty Parish church in the year 2006 August on hamlet of Folke, Dorset between Helen and Chris Lawrence where Mary Holbrook satisfied all the floral needs according to the suggestions of the couples including her innovative ideas