Wedding Decoration Ideas

Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair and every bride and her groom would want it to be an occasion to remember. A professional decorator can be expensive, but with a little time and effort you can be creative and create a wedding decoration that guests will remember for a long time to come. Planning with your would-be spouse, family and friends you can choose a theme and decoration for your wedding. The added advantage of planning your wedding decoration is that it will be personalized and speak volumes of the care taken by you to make the wedding an enjoyable occasion for your guests plus giving full rein to your creative inclinations.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Most bridal couples have a fair idea of how their wedding should be, enlarge on these wedding decoration ideas by looking up various magazines and wedding planning sites. You can hone your ideas and come up with a clear idea of what exactly you want.

First decide on the theme, based on the time of the year you will be getting married. Winter wedding call for different decorations from that of a summer wedding. Once the time of the year is settled, chose a theme and a color scheme which boosts the chosen theme. Draw up a budget and then get down to the serious business of your wedding decorations. Create and innovate within your chosen theme and color palette. Rope in friends and family to help you create your decorations, well ahead of the approaching nuptials.

Suppose you intend to tie the knot in autumn, choose a fall theme for your wedding. Mother Nature in autumn is resplendent in awesome colors; there is a riot of burnt orange, burgundy reds, light green and fading yellows combined with earthy browns. Incorporate these colors in your decorations, along with leaves, pumpkins, acorns, gourds all features of autumn. Design pew markers with not very large grapevine laurels tied in sheer organza and orange fabric leaves. Use ivory colored table-covers with a burgundy or rust colored toppers. Use pillar candles of three different sizes in suitable leaf motifs and place in a wide woven basket filled with wet fall leaves.

Flowers are an essential part of a wedding; autumn flowers come in deep shades adding that extra charm to your decorations. Yellow-orange to brick red Montbretias, raisin brown Hypericums and the eternal deep red rose. Use these flowers to design bouquets using dry grasses like rye and wheat.

Fall wedding favors are simply numerous, simply let your imagination run riot. Wrap rust colored ribbons around small bottles of pure maple syrup or pack leaf shaped scented soap in clear boxes.

More Wedding Decoration Ideas

Since guests will spend time seated at the tables make sure the table covers are up to the theme you have selected. Top the white tablecloths with sheer lace or colored toppers. Use a smaller floral bouquet as a centerpiece and individual flowers within napkins as a personal touch. You can pick up small photo frames by the dozen and use as place cards which can later double up as wedding favors.

Candles add that touch of elegance to your decorations. Use pillar candles of different sizes and spread them around on the guest tables and side tables. Votives and tea lights can be used during dinner and the long candles for the dancing afterwards. Candles can be picked up by the gross at year end sales and add that romantic feel to your wedding.

Evening receptions specially lend themselves to quaint lighting. String up small bulbs along the driveway hidden within fabric garlands. Or use small candles inserted in sand in small tins along the path.

Ceiling decorations give an elegant look to the venue, Go for colorful ribbons criss-crossing each other and interspersed with small Chinese paper lamps. Alternatively use satin drapes pinned together with swag of seasonal flowers.

Tulle is another option for decorating ceilings, arrange garlands of tulle so as to cover the ceiling and drape it on pillars.

Use tulle flowers of different colors and attach them at intervals or simply mix with fresh flowers to create that garden look.

Small potted plants kept in corners or near pillars add an eco-friendly touch.

Another great advantage of decorating yourself is that most of the decorations can be taken down, stored and used again.

Photograph the decorations when they are completed and before the ceremony starts and the guests arrive. It will be a wonderful reminder of the effort put in to make your wedding memorable.

The idea that less is more works well at a wedding, do not clutter the place with all types of decorations, let the decorations remain simple and elegant. Fresh flowers, candles, greenery and how you use them will give you a weddingdecoration that is memorable.