Wedding Colors and Themes

Weddings are a wonderful affair, a time for celebration and gaiety, and each bride dreams of a wedding that would be a culmination of all her dreams.  Planning and organizing a perfect wedding requires effort and personal attention.

The season you choose to get married in, and a theme reflecting that season, forms a basis for a perfect wedding.  Then choose a color palette that complements the theme of your wedding.  It is this color palette that will transform your wedding into a strikingly outstanding celebration.

Selecting Wedding Colors

Choosing the right wedding colors, is one of the most important decision the bride and her groom can make.  Choose colors that are in tune with your wedding theme and the season.  Yellows, greens and shades of brown are a disaster for a Christmas wedding.  A Christmas wedding would be enhanced in colors that reflect the season like, ivory, silver, sapphire, and ice-blue with sprigs of green holly.

Whatever colors you decide for the wedding, will also be reflected in the wedding decor, the table, cutlery, linen, centerpieces and even the clothes of the bride and her bridesmaids.  Wedding flowers will also complement the wedding colors chosen.

The best tool to decide a color for your wedding is a color wheel.  Some fabulous aids are available on the Internet, which are user-friendly and extremely helpful.  Simply click on a color and then click monochromatic if you shadesof the same color.  Click contrast if you want an opposite shade of the color you have chosen, for example the contrasting color to purple would be yellow.   Click triad if you need accent colors to a primary color you have chosen.  Click tetrad which offers a choice of four complementing colors and analogic offers three complementing colors to a basic contrasting color.

If you need to decide on colors based on your theme there are sites which give great color ideas when you type in the theme you have in mind.   For example if you type in beach, the colors shown are peach pink, orange tangerine, pale green, aqua marine, sky blue, pastel purple. 

Winter Wedding Colors

Winter is reminiscent of snow, crackling fires, and cuddling up with a loved one.  Winter adds flavor to love and is oneof the most romantic time of the year.  A winter wedding heralds love and warmth, celebration and holidays, when people are in a joyous mood.  Winter colors are a natural result of Mother Nature’s offerings, berries, holly leaves, pine cones, snow.   Wedding colors will be snow white, silver, platinum, and ivory with shades of deep berry or red colors.  Flowers can be white and red roses with natural herbs.

Choose silver as a basic color and contrast it with ivory, navy blue or emerald green. 

Craft your invitations on navy blue card with silver lettering, covered with snow flakes along each side.  Cover each invitation in a sheer and shimmering ivory paper pinned to the card with a silver bow at the top.

The bride is in pristine white, while the bridesmaids are in icy blue gowns.  The groom wears a navy blue suit with a white shirt.

Table linen is sheer blue topped with silver lace and navy blue napkins.  The centerpiece is a crystal bowl filled with white flowers and very little greenery.

Summer Wedding Colors

Summer brings to mind sunshine and greenery, light, warmth and outdoors.  Popular colors for a summer wedding are pale blue, lavender, and lime, orange and soft pink.  Combination colors for summer are green complemented with purple, coral and orange.  Royal blues with sparkling yellow, green with all its assorted shades, pink and orange are all summer colors.  Choice of color will also depend on the choice of venue and the time of the reception.  Colors in an outdoor venue differ from the colors in an indoor reception hall.  A venue like say a garden would be complemented in colors that are more outdoorsy, say yellows, greens, browns and white.  An indoor reception hall lends itself more easily to crystal, chandeliers and colors like purple, pinks, silver, sapphire and reds.

Beach weddings are enhanced by colors like aqua marine, silver and turquoise, and colors that are derived from the sea.  Buttercup yellow and sunset colors also work well for a beach wedding.

Evening weddings held indoors lend themselves well to royal colors, pale gold, silver and ivory complemented by deep reds, deep burgundy, purple and pale yellow, silver and gray.

Renaissance themed wedding require deep colors like burgundy, antique gold, purple and magenta, forest green and shades of red.

Some More Wedding Color Combinations

White and Green Wedding:  Hues of green and white work well and lend an easy elegance to a wedding.  If the bride is in pristine white, dress up the bridesmaids in pale green.  The groom wears a suit cream with a green cummerbund.  Flowers are iris, peonies, lilacs, tulips and roses.  The centerpiece is white flowers amidst a profusion of green ferns.

Pinks and Reds with Shades of Green:  Use pink sprinkled with accents of red and pale shades of green.  Use berries in deep reds with pale green foliage.  The bride wears silver and the bridesmaids are attired in pale pink with bouquets of red roses.

Softer Colors and Hues:  Soft pastel colors like soft pinks, yellows, pale blue, ivory, pale orange, mustard, peach and sunset colors can be combined with a single contrasting color in a deep shade.

Only Red:  Red roses proclaim love, an abundance of red roses, with white and green works beautifully for a Christmas wedding.

Use a primary shade of pink or pale orange or blue as a single dominant color and add accents of very few complementary colors.  Accents of gray with pink, yellow with orange and silver with blue.

The ultimate in elegance is black and pristine white, the bride in sheer white and the bridesmaids in a combination of black and silver.  The groom and his attendants in black suits and pure white shirts are a statement in elegance.Table linen is white topped with pale gold.  Jewelry consists of pearls and diamonds.  Flowers are white amidst sheer foliage of light green.

Colors enhance and set the appropriate mood of the weddingColors chosen well will make the wedding a uniquely impressive event, one that will be fondly remembered for a long time.