Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding celebrations would be incomplete without the ubiquitous wedding cake, which is an integral part of the wedding. If you think of a wedding, apart from the bridal couple, a splendid three tiered wedding cake comes to mind. The tradition of a wedding cake is also mired in history. The Romans would break bread over the couple’s head, a ritual which symbolized luck and prosperity in their future life. Crumbs that fell to the floor would be picked up by the guests, to bring them luck. Unmarried women picked up the crumbs hoping for an early betrothal. By the 19th century wedding cakes were popular, from single tier to multi tiered, the number of tiers in the cake indicating the wealth of the family. The cakes were usually white, as white symbolized purity, also since white icing required refined sugar, which was expensive white tiered cakes also spoke of the affluence of the family. The cutting of the wedding cake is an important part of the wedding celebrations, as it symbolizes the first task the bride and groom perform together. The bride cuts the cake with the help of the groom and then they feed each other the first slice. The cake is then wheeled back into the kitchens and later distributed to the guests. Saving the top layer of the cake is another tradition that has continued; the layer is frozen and then removed on the first anniversary to be eaten. Modern Wedding Cake Trends The modern bride would love a cake that is at once elegant and contemporary. The latest trend amongwedding cakes is to have personalized cakes, cakes which are unique and not seen in some wedding site or magazine. Designs that are unique found on china or a favorite piece of fabric are being recreated on the cake. Another trend is the return of initial monograms and special cake toppers that can be preserved. Most brides like the design on the bridal gown to be replicated on the cake. Another trend catching on fast is to go away from the usual circular cake to a distinctive design. The cake tiers are either in hexagonal shape or crooked lines. Any shape works as long as its peculiar. Another modern trend is to have the cake in colors that complement the wedding décor and colors. A light green color cake with small pink sugar flowers for a spring wedding or a shocking orange cake with polka dots for a more informal wedding are some ideas for unusualwedding cakes. A tower of cupcakes instead of the tiered cake is fast catching on. Instead of circular or oval cupcakes, the emphasis is on square or other geometric shaped cupcakes. Nothing beats a black and white combination and this trend continues as a favorite year after year, only top up with a splash of color, like blood red roses or orange carnations. Pastel colored cakes in the traditional style with calligraphy that is accentuated is another trend that is at once modern and archaic. The calligraphy can be a small poem of love or simply the bride and groom’s name. Metallic accents on cakes is also an option, an elegant gold and ivory colored cake for a formal wedding or accents of metallic brown on a yellow colored cake for a summer wedding. Though chocolate is reserved for the groom’s cake, it has made an entry also as a wedding cake. A rich chocolate cake in tree tiers decorated with small swags of orange sugar flowers and pretty green leaves may take attention away from the bride. The usual three tiered cake draped in shimmering white fondant and embellished with silver ribbons and a crystal monogrammed topper or a cake drenched in edible gems is another trend for a wedding cake. Decorate the cake with ribbons, bows and edible pearls either in a shade of color lighter than the cake or a contrasting color. If budget is not an issue opt for an ice-cream cake. Your imagination is the ideal source for a fabulous cake idea. Hire a professional cake designer for help to recreate your design and a creative baker to breathe life to your wedding cake.