Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquet, which a bride and bride maids carry, has been an important part of the wedding since time immemorial. After the wedding gown of the bride, it is the wedding flowers which attracts more attention.

Some of the popular wedding bouquet styles include:

a) Nosegays: Dating back to the 14th century, this style of bouquet has round clusters of flowers. Also known as tussie mussie, this style can do wonders for any kind of wedding.

b) Cascade bouquet: Generally used in formal or traditional weddings, this style has flowers arranged in a descending order to give it a voluptuousness look just like a water cascade.

c) Hand-tied bouquet: This is a very casual style and the most suitable for garden weddings. In this style, florists wrap flowers, foliage and accessories while holding them in hands till they are secure.

d) Contemporary bouquets: These types of bouquets use unconventional designs to showcase the individuality of the bride. Flowers which add character to the bouquet like lilies and orchids are used for such bouquets. Though these bouquets are simple, they add a touch of class and sophistication to the overall look of the bride.

Tips to choose a wedding bouquet:

While a good wedding bouquet can enhance the bride’s overall look, a bouquet done in haste and without planning can mar the occasion. Therefore, it is very necessary to plan ahead for your wedding bouquet.

a) Make sure that the bouquet you choose complements your dress and figure and not overshadow it. If you are thin, don’t choose a large bouquet that will hide your dress or overshadow you. Instead, choose a small, neat and beautiful wedding bouquet. If you are tall, you can choose large bouquets to enhance your appeal.

b) Make sure that the color of the flowers in the bouquet is not in contradiction with your complexion or make-up. If your skin color is pale, do not choose bold flowers for your bouquet. If your wedding gown is of pink color and you intend to use shades of pink in your make-up, you can go in for light pink silk wedding flowers.

c) Also, the style of your dress should co-ordinate with the bouquet you choose. If you have intricate designs on your wedding gown, you can opt for a small bouquet so that most of the attention is on your dress and not on the bouquet.

d) It is important that you inform your florist about your budget so that he can plan accordingly. It is also preferable to show him the dress or its photo so that he knows what will look good with it.

Choose the right bouquet according to your dress and personality and make your wedding the talk of the town!