Ways To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Ways to make cut flowers last longer

Have you had flowers ready for some special occasion and wondered about the ways to make cut flowers last longer? Well, it is not all that difficult to breathe some life into the flowers, as there are ways to go about achieving the ends with minimal efforts.

Clean vases are a good start:

Before you place the flowers, make sure that you have washed the vase clean with diluted bleach. Bleach is also known to aid the flowers in staying fresh.

Use warm rather than cold water: Warm water is more easily absorbed by the cut flowers than cold water, which makes cut flowers last longer.

Add sugar to water: 

It would be an even better idea to add sugar to the warm water. Sugar is used to nourish the plant and make the flowers stay fresh.

Add vinegar to water:

Vinegar is known to be an effective anti-bacterial agent. Ways to make cut flowers last longer should essentially involve an anti-bacterial agent, and vinegar fits the bill.

Aspirin for fresh flowers:

Aspirin is known to add some life into flowers and delay the natural process of ageing in plants. Its a tried, trusted, and easy way to make cut flowers last longer, as aspirin provides the vitality to flowers.

Soda and fresh flowers:

Just the way soda quenches your thirst and gives you the extra bit of energy, soda and flowers tend to be partners in the vase. If you have used up your soda and have a few drops remaining, its a good idea to throw some of them into the vase with water. You may want to ensure that the soda that you use to make cut flowers last longer is a clear one, in case you have chosen to use a vase with clear glass.

Do not expose the flowers to heat:

Check that you have not placed the flowers next to a radiator or a fireplace, which would not serve the purpose.

Maintain the flowers:

Little things of care, such as changing the water daily, checking the water levels, or pruning the flowers off the dried foliage, would be ways to make cut flowers last longer.