Ways To Make Cut Flowers And Bouquets Last Longer

Ways to Make Cut Flowers and Bouquets Last longer

Flowers are sensational in their ability to make anybody's day. Having said that, it is equally important to note that flowers are delicate, needing much attention and care to make them last. Here are a few ways to make cut flower and bouquets last longer, make them stay fresher, and continue to give you even more of that blossoming joy.

Check the waters:

One of the primary ways to make cut flowers and bouquets last longer would be to check if the water levels are right in the vases. This is particularly the case if the bouquets came in their own vases. Do not keep them as they are check if the flowers are watered sufficiently.

Cut the stems:

Stems prove to be the conduits to let water and nutrition pass into the flowers. One of the important ways to make cut flowers and bouquets last longer would be to cut around an inch off the bottom of the skin at an angle of forty five degrees with a pair of sharp scissors. Refrain from using any pair of scissors that you may lay your hands on if they are not sharp enough, you may end up damaging the stem than enabling the flowers get more water.

Cut the stem underwater:

It may not always be the easiest option, but it makes for better functioning of the cells in the stem to cut it while the stem is kept beneath the water surface. This way, you may prevent any air pocket from getting into the stem.

Maintain the stems:

It is not just cutting the stems. Any remaining foliage without life may obstruct the flow or water and may reduce the bouquet’s lifespan. Clean the parts of the stem that lie beneath the water surface, and if you find any remaining leaves down under, remove them to facilitate better absorption of water.

Spray water:

One of the ways to make cut flowers and bouquets last longer would be to spray a mist of water on to the flowers and the foliage. This maintains the right temperature, keeps the flowers fresh, and makes them last longer than otherwise.