Washing Machine Parts

Washing Machine is an electronic machine used for washing clothes. Clothes are dipped in water along with detergent in the tub and the machine agitates the clothes as it turns on. After washing, it rinses several times to remove detergent from the clothes. Finally dries them and drains the dirty water.

The different parts of washing machine are:-

Control Valve for Water Inlet - when clothes are loaded in the wash tub this valve open and close automatically depending on the quantity of water required.

Water Pump is for circulating the water during wash cycle and drains the water during spin cycle.

Tub - there are two tubs in fully automatic washing machine, internal & external. Internal tub has small holes for water drainage and used for washing, rinsing and drying clothes. External tub covers the internal tub and provide support during various cycle of cleaning.

Agitator or Rotating Disc - it is the important part of the washing machine and actually performs the cleaning. It rotates the water and the clothes thereby enable the detergent to remove the dirt particles from the clothes. It rubs the clothes with each other and with water thus cleans the clothes.

Motor - it rotates the agitator or the disc and controls the speed of the agitator as per the load on the machine, automatically or manually as per the requirement.

Electronic Circuit Board - it comprises of various electronic circuits and components which are designed to perform in a particular way as per the external conditions and instructions. It works as an artificial intelligence device that can sense external conditions.

Timer - it sets the time for washing the clothes manually.

Drain Pipe - it helps in removing dirty water from the machine, after washing the clothes.