Wall Decor‚ Tips & Ideas

Wall decors can add life to your sweet home. Here are some of the out of the box wall décor, tips & ideas to light up your walls like: folding screens, detachable wall paintings, floating wall shelves, tainted glass, wood, assorted plates, plant wall, and over-sized buttons.

Follow unusual wall décor, tips and ideas to decorate your home. You can facilitate anything in an innovative way to create the effect of something unusual.

However, walls are very personal and a multiple range of wall décor, tips and ideas work well within the same interior. Some Wall décor, tips & ideas are:


In place of conventional wallpapers, you can use framed quilts or even an ordinary cloth piece as your wall cover. You must choose the perfect theme to match your entire wall papers.

Polystyrene Wall Art

This wall art, which is made from lightweight material, is so graceful that it can light up any part of your home. You can easily substitute the materials based on the type of artwork you want to make.

Detachable Wall Graphics

Vinyl decals are detachable designs that can enhance the aesthetic feel of any section of your walls. There are myriads of designs to choose.

Assorted Plates

It is often good to retain old collections i.e. plates in the kitchen cabinets. You can hand these plates unevenly on the walls to generate a magnificent effect.

Floating Wall Shelves

Since the general wall decors are hangings, paintings, and clocks; try something different that is beyond the general viz. floating wall shelves. Make sure it really floats.

Folding Screens

If you don't have empty walls to embellish, folding screens can be the option. You can explore a different susceptibility by selecting a perfect design to be put on one corner of your home.

Stained Glass

To offer a grace and elegance to the look of your room, stained glass can be a great choice. Although not that unusual, this type ofwall art provides a contemporary feel.


Bamboo and Birch wood are carved images and it can be placed in a specific pattern so that it seems to be floating. There are numerous other wooden decorative articles available out there in market, and you have various choices too. Keeping in mind the décor ofyour home , you can go for pieces like sculptures, wall panels, photo frames in wood. You can go for aesthetically carved wooded statues which will offer a perfect look.

Plant Wall

The unique way of utilizing the aesthetic feel of plants is to hang them on the wall covering with frames to make it look like confined.

Over-sized Buttons

A unique decor, which is available in a very rare design, can be over-sized buttons available in a set of 5. They display various shapes, sizes, and colors.
Wall décor plays a very significant role in creating a decorative and cozy ambiance in your home along with your work place.


The sculptures also look fabulous in the wall shelf. You can keep a few pieces on the main living room and incorporate some lighting effect from the top. These look is quite exotic. It provides a feeling of staying in some royal abode.

Wall Panels

You can offer a fabulous feel to a plain wall by adding a wall panel with some artwork or natural landscape scenery. You can opt for several artwork and designs of wall panels. These panels are available in the images of Gods and Goddesses and sceneries also. You can choose them based on your taste.

Plaster or Stucco

Another awesome wall decor idea can be plaster, stucco. Stucco swirls are difficult to obtain by the non-professional, but the impact is a worth the expanses and serves as a right backdrop to delicate texture and color.


It should be horizontal, vertical or even slanted. They can be facilitated to generate optical interest. For example, broad stripes can give an illusion of a lower room ceiling whereas parallel and slender vertical stripes are elongating.


If you are using articles such as fabric, wood and metal, you are adding a spectrum to the wall that reflects light in different intriguing ways.


Spanning from solid colored feature wall to special paint effects and elongated frescoes, you can always incorporate interesting andpersonal feels.


Selecting from traditional wall paper to trendy vinyl to the expensive wallpaper, you can always create illusion with the inner space while covering hairline cracks on the walls.


This is a tried-and-tested method for places of heavy wear or utmost exposure to water and heat. It is generally suggested to tile the complete wall to intensify texture and dimension of the room.

Vinyl Text

Place your best sayings, quotes or poems and transform it into wall art using cut-out vinyl lettering.

Did you see, how opting some unconventional ideas and articles as the tools and concepts for wall décor can decorate your plain wall and enliven its look and feel?