Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, many couples would have planned surprises for their partners. Some would even think of planning their wedding to make it a special day to remember. There is no other day to say “I love you” than to say “Yes, I do” on Valentine’s Day.

Couples who choose Valentine’s Day as their wedding day have plenty of ideas. They can select romantic poems and beautiful decorations to fill their day with love and sweet moments. Below are Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas that you can incorporate in your own wedding.

Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

The main colors of Valentine’s Day are red, white, pink and violet. You can therefore use these colors. When you are planning your wedding on this special day, you would have to consider things like, decorations, invitations, color theme, dishes and so on.

Invitations- You can get amazing Valentine’s Day wedding invitation ideas. You can have a red heart with your partners and your name inscribed in gold on the invitation card. Instead of a heart shaped wedding invitation, you can have a cupid made as well.

Decorations- With your wedding finalized on Valentine’s Day, you can come up with great decoration ideas for the venue. Since red and white are the main colors of Valentine’s Day. Get plenty of red roses or red and white carnations for the background. Add a lot of green ferns to give a fresh look. You can also stick a lot of hearts of small and big sizes.

Valentine Centerpieces- When it comes to table center pieces, you can have small chocolate boxes with Valentine’s Day message on each table. Wrap the chocolate boxes with red and white satin ribbons. This color combination can also be used to decorate every guest’s chair and table.

Wedding Cake- The most important part of a wedding decoration is the wedding cake. Get a heart shaped cake in pink done. It doesn’t have to be a tower cake but a simple heart shaped with a cupid on it would look great.

Wedding Favors- There are many Valentine’s Day wedding ideas for favors. You can have rose shaped candles, heart shaped candles, chocolates or give heart shaped photo frames. This will add a little extra touch to your wedding.

Wedding Dress- This is the most important thing for your wedding. When you get your wedding dress designed for this special day, you can add a touch of red and make it look different. Say small red roses along a boat neckline or small roses tugged on your veil. If you think hard, you can come up with many Valentine’s Day wedding ideas.

Valentine Wedding Vows- Many couples take the advantage of this day and write their own wedding vows. You can find many romantic poems and quotations that can be used. Couples write romantic poems for each other and their special day.

Do remember that if you are planning to get married on Valentine’s Day, do book the venue in advance because on this day the prices shoot up. Everything becomes expensive, so make a budget and you will get a lot of Valentine’s Day wedding ideas.