Valentine's Day Trivia

Valentine's Day Trivia refers to the kind of activities prevalent on the day.It may include Question and answer sessions, Quiz programs, sharing jokes and facts to celebrate the valentine's day occasion amongst valentine's Day lovers.

Valentine's Day Trivia Questions

There are many questions which are asked to have fun and emphasize the significance of the evening.

Some of the examples are:

  • Who imprisoned Valentine?
  • Why was he imprisoned?
  • When did Hallmark make its first Valentine Card?
  • How do you write I Love You in German?

Kids Valentine's Day Trivia

Trivia means just like an activity on that particular day (Valentine’s Day Trivia). Valentine’s Day Trivia is also celebrated by the children also. Children celebrate Valentine’s Day Trivia, like playing games, Conducting quizzes, like this. For example take quizzes they asked this type of questions:

  1. Which Patron Saint is Valentines named after?
  2. Do doves mate for life?
  3. What color is the symbol of warmth and feeling?
  4. What color is the symbol of purity and faith?

These type questions are prepared and they conduct the Quiz game on Valentine’s Day Trivia and enjoy that (Valentine’s Day Trivia) day.

These types of games are not for children. This is for lovers, family members and couples on the day of Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day Trivia.

Valentine's Day Quiz

  • Playing quiz is one of the most popular trivia.
  • Couples have fun by testing the knowledge of their lovers.
  • These quizzes are often based on astrological, numerological knowledge related to compatibility, intensity of love, depending upon each other zodiac sign, date of birth etc

Valentine's Day Facts

There are some very interesting facts regarding the valentine's day.

  • There is a very high percentage,73% of men buying flowers for their women ,who are only 27% to buy the flowers.
  • About 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged each year on 14th of February. This is the second largest card-sending occasion of the year.
  • Most of the roses that are gifted in United States are imported from South America. California produces about 60% of the American roses.
  • In the ancient Victorian times it was considered bad luck to exchange a Valentine's Day card.

Middle age people (men and women) believe that, if you meet a unmarried person of the opposite sex on Valentine’s Day morning he/she would become spouse. After the meeting they enjoy the day of Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day Trivia.

In India, one famous construction available for lovers that is TAJ MAHAL in Agra. This was built by the moghal emperor Shah Jahan in the year of 1634. The labors worked for this were around 20,000. This is world famous and also in the seven wonders. This wonder is for especially for lovers.  On the day of Valentine’s Day all lover’s come to this place and enjoy the day as a Valentine’s Day Trivia.

The largest selling of the greeting cards in one year after the Christmas is Valentine’s Day only. The lover’s buy the greeting cards and give it to lover their and express the feelings then they enjoy the Valentine’s Day Trivia.

Valentine's Day Jokes

  • There are many valentine's day jokes about cupid, love, relationship and more.
  • There are many funny audio and video jokes available in CD's as well as on various websites. These can be downloaded from various sites.
  • Many valentine's day funky jokes are exchanged through cell phones also causing tremendous gains to the Mobile companies.

On the Valentine’s Day the lover’s enjoy and share jokes with each other and all the day they will be very happy as a part of the Valentine’s Day Trivia. Some of the jokes are like this

  • What do squirrel give for Valentine’s Day trivia to opposite sex squirrel? Answer: forget me nuts
  • What did the stamp say to the Valentine’s Day Trivia envelope?  Answer: I am stuck on you
  • What is a vampire's sweetheart called after the Valentine’s Day Trivia? Answer: His ghoul-friend.

This type of question and answers (funny questions and answers) exchanged between each other and enjoy the day as a Valentine’s Day Trivia.

Let's Share an Example

A young woman was taking an afternoon nap. After she woke up, she told her husband, "I just had a dream that you gave me a Diamond necklace on Valentine's Day. What do you think it meant?"

"You'll know tonight." he said.
That evening, His husband came home with a small package and gave it to his wife. She got excited and opened it but only found a book entitled "The meaning of dreams".