Valentine's Day Travel Ideas

One of the most unique ways to surprise your love this Valentine’s Day is to ditch the flowers and chocolates and come up with some really romantic Valentine’s Day travel ideas. No matter when you present the tickets to your partner - the weekend before or after, anytime in the month of February, or soon thereafter, you are going to get rewarded for your thoughtfulness with those twinkle in your beloved’s eyes.

A memorable trip to Paris or a stroll on the streets of Rome hand in hand, will make both your hearts beat as one. You can also book a cruise and sail away from the rest of the world to discover the ethereal pleasure in only each other’s company.

Travelling together is also a great way to strengthen your relationship. If you have not decided on your travelling destination still, you can surf through the travel video stores and guides and plan a romantic getaway fast. There are also many good hotels that you can even manage to book at the last minute. So, don’t worry. Just pick out the best one from your Valentine’s Day travel ideas and get geared up for the go!

Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas

It is not possible for everyone to gift their loved one a trip to Paris or Prague, but there are lots of Valentine’s Day travel ideas that match your budget. After all, when love is in the air, it is not that hard to plan a romantic getaway.

  • Road trip – A romantic drive or a railway journey through the countryside to a destination forlorn from the hustles and bustles of the city is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day travel ideas.
  • Stay at a Bed and Breakfast – If you just want to romance your love all day long, nothing is more relaxing than staying at a bed and breakfast. Go for a quaint place tucked in a place blessed with natural scenery. Look at her eyes on that moonlit night and utter those magical words of love, - and yes, you have made memories to last a lifetime!
  • Cruise – Both of you can voyage out to a 10-day trip through the Mediterranean. However, some cruise lines offer two-day cruises that are much affordable and perfect for the couples who cannot commit to a longer trip.
  • Vineyard – Though February is not the ideal time to tour the wine country where the climate is too cold, those living in regions where winter isn’t so extreme, might plan a weekend getaway to a local vineyard and enjoy a cozy stay.
  • Beach – Treat the bond between you two with some fun and sun this February in a nearby beach resort. You can also do some research to find out some affordable travel package that includes airfare and hotel.
  • Ski Resort – Arrange for a skiing trip for the two of you, if your partner is an outdoors person. Two days on the snowy mountain and two nights cuddled in front of the warm fireplace may make you fall in love with each other all over again.
  • A Take to the Air – If you people are home-birds and don’t like the idea of ‘travelling,’ still, you can plan a bit of travelling without even leaving the town. Book a helicopter tour of the city, and with the helicopter touching down, enjoy a romantic meal together.

Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas: Must Packs in Your Travel Kit

  • Pack some special outfits in your travel bag. Girls, do not forget some new lingerie and a little black evening dress. Men should bring a suit along with the rugged jeans. After all, it is a special occasion and calls for some dressing up!

  • Take a special gift for your partner. Well, give him/her more reasons to get surprised and bask in your love this Valentine’s Day.