Valentines Day Songs

Valentines day is a traditional day celebrated on 14th of February every year in the remembrance of a saint, a Christian martyr, Valentine.It is celebrated to express love for each other by sending cards, gifts, flowers etc. Valentine symbols include heart-shaped outline and the figure of the winged Cupid.

Valentines Day Songs

  • The songs that are sung on the day to express love and affection for one's valentine are called valentines day songs.
  • There are many popular songs.
  • There is all kind of romantic songs.
  • These can be classic, ballads to mellow rock songs.
  • There are many famous singers who have composed fabulous music and lyrics prevalent on the day.

Valentines Day Lyrics

Few song lyrics for valentines day are very popular and award wining by some of the singers like:

  • Norah Jones: "Come away with me"
  • Eric Clapton: "Your song"
  • The Beatles: "And I love her".

These are overly romantic and jazzy love songs prevalent on the day.

Song Words

There is some slightly romantic love song word by Roy orbison: "Oh pretty woman. These can be initiated to woo your valentine any time.

Romantic Songs (ballads)

John Bon Jovi is one of the biggest names to compose and sung peppy ballads.

Love Songs (poems)

  • There are many romantic poems that are composed into songs and are used to express mood enthusiasm on the day.
  • These are also available in various CD's and cassettes.

Valentines Day Music

Love Songs (Guitar Tablature)

There is guitar tablature with lyrics for hundreds of songs available on various sites like guitar at partnered with, also one of the fashionable way of expressing love and romance on the day.

Love Songs (Jazz)

Charlie Christian is the first name associated with where the jazz guitar.Wes Montgomery, Ed bickert, Pat Metheny are some of the other names associated with mellow jazz music popular on valentines day.

Love Songs (Blues)

These kinds of songs are also preferred on the day to convey the feelings to each other's valentine.