Valentine's Day Red Roses

Valentine's Day Red Roses

As kisses are to love, red roses are to Valentine’s Day. It is the most popular flower that is exchanged between the lovers on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day red roses have many sentiments that are passed on to the receiver of the floral message. A thornless red rose, means that the receiver can be ever secured in the relationship. Valentine’s Day red roses with leaves symbolize hope while a garland or wreath stands for superiority and merit. A bouquet of Valentine’s Day Red Roses in open bloom speaks gratitude while a rose bud portrays beauty and innocence leading to love.

The reason behind red roses being the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day is, red and rose are both colours and symbols of love and passion. When it is a Valentine’s Day and you are going to pour out all the love of your heart through a significant message, the natural choice is of course a red rose. Red roses are also the favorite flowers of Venus - the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. This is also a mythological reason behind rose being the first and foremost choice of the lovers to worship their beloved on Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Red Roses are the perfect gift for the special day. But unfortunately, the life span of a rose is notoriously short. Though, you can preserve it by pressing or drying, the innocent charm of the rose will be lost.

However, there are lots of Valentine’s Day red rose gift ideas to choose from, which are available in special forms to make everlasting Valentine gifts for the one you love and tell him/her about the special place he/she holds in your heart:

  • Preserved Valentine’s Day red roses – There are a lot of ways by which roses are preserved and their natural beauty and soft feel are maintained. They make for a wonderful gift option. However, special care should be taken to maintain them.
  • Valentine’s Day red roses dipped in 24 carat gold, silver or platinum is an extravagant way to tell your loved one how much he/she means to you.
  • Valentine’s Day red roses made of crystal is a stunning and everlasting red rose gift on Valentine’s Day.
  • Gift your girlfriend a brooch, earrings, necklace or bracelet in the shape of red roses which will tell her how beautiful she is to you.
  • Gift the one you love with silk or paper roses, which can be preserved as an everlasting memory of this special day.
  • Use preserved rose petals to add that heavenly and delicate touch to other Valentine’s gifts. If you are planning for a romantic evening, spread them on the pillow of your beloved.

These are some romantic Valentine’s Day red roses gift that you can present your loved one on the special day. These gifts can be sourced online, but be sure to order them well in advance to avoid disappointment on Valentine’s Day.

Some Tips While Choosing Valentine’s Day Red Roses

When you are buying roses from a florist, feel the bulb of the rose (just below the petals); if it is spongy to touch, then the rose is days old and is not going to last long. On the other hand, if it feels fairly solid, then it is pretty fresh.

People, based on their personal choices also like roses of different colours other than red roses. So, it is not mandatory that it has to be Valentine’s Day red roses to express your love. You can appreciate your partner’s likes and dislikes to show that you care for them by presenting them the flowers that they love.


Red Roses are a symbol of intense love and passion and the most romantic gesture to the special person in your life to say ‘I love you’. There can be no better way to show him/her the sea of your feelings on this Valentine’s Day. Be it a single red rose, or a bouquet of hundreds of them, it is easy to order them online or get them from a local florist. But, leading up to St Valentine’s Day, it is always better to book them in advance.