Valentine's Day Party

Love is a special emotion from the heart. On Valentine’s Day married people plan to give a surprise gift to their partner. This is the very good way to surprise your partner.

After completing all the Valentine’s Day programs till the evening, the couple plan to celebrate the Valentine’s Day party at night. That idea would be like: giving the Valentine's Day Dinner to your sweet heart at home by cooking your sweethearts favorite dishes at your home and serve to him/her. This is a simple way. Set the atmosphere to bring the love feeling with romantic music or romantic songs with less sound. It is a best way to have dinner. This becomes an unforgettable moment in your partner’s life.

When you’re planning to give the party to your friends or relatives you must arrange the party with these ideas.

  • It is a party held on valentine's day evening.
  • It can be full of ideas starting from invitations till the end of the valentine's day party.
  • The party and its decorations should be planned in advance.
  • The occasion
  • Where is the location and at what time
  • Guest list
  • Serving

If you succeeded to achieve these steps party will be wonderful and will be unforgettable for years.

Party Decorations

  • There are many decorative ideas and items according to your theme of valentine's day party that are available.
  • Some of these are:
    1) Red and white heart shaped balloons
    2) Valentine’s day decorative kit
    3) Heart and cupid cut outs
    4) Valentine confetti
    5) Mini heart candles
    6) Red and white roses
  • The dining table can be decorated with:
  • matching napkins
  • cups
  • table covers
  • Centre pieces and more.
  • Decoration should be in red and white colors.
  • It may be balloons, cloth or anything.
  • Serve the seasonal items like ice creams, cherry fruits, and so on.
  • If the balloons are in red and white it looks good.
  • Plan to arrange the Valentine’s Day Party stage background screen with love shape it will be awesome.


  • It can be packed with excitement you can attach your invitation cards with some chocolate or cookie box, flowers, conversation hearts etc.
  • The guests of the party can be requested to be dressed in similar colors of red or white.
  • They should wear some heart shaped jewelries or accessories to give a valentine feel to each other. Moreover, you can also invite the old couples and kids to your valentine's day party to have fun for all ages.
    • Give the Valentine’s Day Party invitations to very close people.
    • Call or send a mail to those friends or relatives who did not receive the invitation card.
    • Plan a love shaped Valentine’s Day Party invitation card which looks good.

Valentine's Day The Arrival

    • We can welcome guests by pining a red rose or a heart to the dress of every one.
    • The conversations in the party can be initiated with some kind of jokes.
    • The winner of the best joke can be prized with a valentine's day gift.
    • This activity can go on till all the guests have arrived to the party.

Party Games and Dance

  • The most enjoyable activity in a party is dance.
  • You can have Sweetheart Dance, ball dance, Twist dance, valentine's day dance, valentine balloon pop, paper dance, on different music.
  • There are variety of games like:
    o valentine cupid game,
    o valentine capture game,
    o miss valentine game,
    o pass the heart game,
    o valentine prize game,
    o the love game
    o Valentine day word game.
  • We can have valentine love songs competition etc.
  • Give some time to the couples to relax after the dinner/lunch.
  • After the break arrange the dance program or disco.
  • Put a condition that every couple must dance in that program.
  • Arrange fine romantic music.
  • Conduct few romantic and funny games in the Valentine’s Day Party.

Valentine's Day Activity

There are Activities Like:

  • Know your couple: in which the host needs to prepare some questions to be asked to the couples
  • Valentine Charades: in which each player will draw a slip of paper from the heart box and in turn act out their song, book, title etc. for their respective team.
  • Most interesting could be choosing the best valentine couple at the end of the party and giving a valentine prize to remember the day forever.
  • After the dance and games present few gifts to all your friends and relatives and give a send off to them.
  • Take the photographs and lodge the memories in scrapbook.