Valentines Day Party Ideas

Though you wouldn’t need a reason to express your feelings to your partner, but Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to be a little more expressive. This day is completely devoted to people who are in love. February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day every year.

Other than just celebrating it with your partner, you can throw a party for all your friends and make this day special for everyone else as well. There are many Valentine’s Day party ideas for this special day. Below are a few ideas so that you can implement them.

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Invitations: When you decide to throw a party, you would want to certainly sent invitations to your friends. What you can do is collect small chocolate boxes and wrap them in red paper. Cut a heart shaped note and write your guests name. Drop this in the box and send the invitations. Other than this, you can also sketch out cupids and send as invitations.

Decorations: There are many decorations ideas that you can do. You can decorate the room with red hearts of all sizes, cupids’ roses and angels. Hang red and white balloons on the ceiling. You can also hang red and white paper streamers on walls and ceiling.

Make use of an old Christmas tree and decorate it with red and white papers hearts. If you want to make the room look lively, litter the room with lots of balloons.

Valentine’s Day Games: There are many games that you can organize as Valentine’s Day party ideas. These games should involve everyone where all can have fun. A few games are:-

Steal my Heart- In this you have to make heart stickers for all your guests and each guest get it when they arrive for the party. These heart stickers are pinned to the guest. The only condition is that each guest has to keep an eye on the other if they are sitting or standing crossed legged. If they are caught, the heart it taken and pinned to the person who caught it. At the end of the game, the person with the most number of stickers will get a gift.

Valentine Bingo- In this, you can make bingo cards with some cute or funny Valentine pictures. You can use doves, hearts, flowers, etc. To make Bingo chips you can make use of stiff candies.

Pass the Kiss- When all your guests arrive you can make them sit in a circle. Boys and girls should sitting in an alternating order. The person who has to start will have to pick a card with his/her mouth and pass it to the next person sitting beside him/her. Now while passing the card it has to be blown out and the other person has to suck in the card with his/her mouth. The couple who drops the card is out from the game. This has to be continued till just one couple is left and declared the winner and of course gets a gift.

Candy Necklaces- Each guest is given goodies and candies to make necklaces. These candies would have holes to put them through the loop. You can use fruit loops and gummy savers to make loops. This is just a fun activity.

All the above are Valentine’s Day party ideas which you can incorporate in your own party. So, it’s time to make your party fun and memorable for all your guests.