Valentine's Day Party Games

Creativity lies on Valentine’s Day party games. There are many cause games, reasoning games, funny games, musical games, kids’ games, card games, bingo games and fact-finding games for Valentine’s Day party games. Games are the most interesting part to make the party much sportive.

Why Valentine’s Day Party Games?

Pleasurable games are usually called ointment for knowledge as Valentine’s Day party games can surely refresh your minds by sharpening your ideas. Valentine’s Day party games are mostly related to give you much entertainment and fun. If you are conducting Valentine’s Day party, you need to add games to boost enthusiasm and fun. Without games your party cannot bring the charm. If you really want to celebrate Valentine’s Day party, you must add games. Hence, Valentine’s Day party games are considered as the part and parcel of the party.

One of the Most Interesting Valentine’s Day Party Games

Card Mailbox Game

You can play Card Mailbox Game on Valentine’s Day. This is one of the most interesting Valentine’s Day party games. You can include kids too in this game. You can collect Valentine’s Day card box or mailbox. You need to check whether the box can be closed or opened properly because you have to close the box while playing and kids should not see inside. However, you can beautifully decorate the box before Playing.

How to Prepare for the Game?

You need to fix up already about the numbers of players for this game. Decorate the box and make it more beautiful to get attraction in this game.

Determine Left / Right Story Breaks

This is very important to determine Left/right story breaks for this game as this will make a systematic arrangement of this game. However, you can add or discard Left/right story breaks as per competitors.

The Final Goal of the Game

The final goal of the game is in the last round and there should be one player left and he will be the winner. The person has to finally be there with a Valentine.

The Process of the Game

When the game starts – each player has to show his/her valentine in the each round. The player will be sent out who is unable to show valentine.

Playing Method Mailbox Passing Game

You have to get a group of kids or adults more than 10 members. Although there are no limitations for adding members in this game but you can add maximum of 21 members for playing conveniently. Now, one of the members have to start telling story and he/she will keep the box and when you say ‘left’ the player has to give the box to his/her left and the player who got the box he/she has to start telling the story after the part where the first player has left. The game will continue like this and when you say ‘right’ then the player has to give the box to right and the receiver will again start the story. Now, your time to say ‘Open’ and when you will say ‘Open’ the box will be opened by the player who is taking the box at that moment. If the player does not get a Valentine he/she has to leave the game. The game will continue several times until the last person and the last person has to get a valentine finally. Hence, you have to arrange numbers of Valentines properly in the box.