Valentine's Day Origin

Every single man and woman in the world as of today knows what Valentine’s Day is.  You won’t find many people who don’t know about this day. St. Valentine is the person who is responsible behind people celebrating this day. But not many know what the actual reason behind people celebrating this day is. Why do you have to confess your love on this particular day and many other such trivial Facts. There are different stories which describe the origin of Valentine’s Day. Some of the most accepted stories for the Valentine’s Day origin are given in this article.


Like mentioned before there are number of stories which describe the origination but none of them give a perfect reason as to why it is celebrated. February has always been credited to be the month of romance. The Christian and Roman tradition are combined on this aspect for people to believe that this month is the month of romance. One of the legends tells that Valentine is a priest who was serving in the Roman church in the 3rd century. Then Emperor Claudius II felt that unmarried men were better soldiers than married men. Therefore he passed a rule that no man in his kingdom should marry. But Valentine conducted secret marriages between lovers and hence helped them in becoming one. When Claudius discovered that Valentine was going against his order he ordered his men to put him to death. In the memory of the famous priest people even today most of them celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Another fable describes the story of how Valentine sent the first ever valentine’s greeting to his love. He supposedly fell in love with a young woman who was the jailors daughter. She used to visit him every day at his jail. The day before he was going to be killed he sent her a letter which he signed saying – “From Your, Valentine”. This phrase is still used by lovers in the present day. The sign off of valentine gave many emotions over the period of time. It included affection, sympathy, heroic and finally the romance. This also made him one of the most popular saints in England and France in the Middle Ages.

As of today there are many people who believe that St. Valentine was the messenger of love. Be it his acts or the letter which he sent to his love. Most of the people in America celebrate this day in the memory of the great saint who has stood by love and gave his life for the sake of two lovers being together. It is considered to be major holiday in US. It is not only a day for people in love to celebrate but also a commercially busy period. Approximately, 1 billion greeting cards are sent across the world on Valentine’s Day. This figure stands only next to the number of Christmas cards which are sent. Most of the purchases made on this day are made by women. A whopping 85% of the purchases are made by women in this season.  All the men are busy making other arrangements for their women. So now you know what Valentine’s Day stands for! Go ahead and add more value to your love…!!