Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 Date - Sunday, 14 February

Valentine's day is that time of the year when the whole world celebrates love in its different manifestations. Valentine's Day is the day when people express their love and affection to their near and dear ones be it partner, parents, children, siblings or friends by giving gifts.

In general the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in America and Britain. But now a day’s Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. In India, few people will support few people will not. Because Indians believe that this not their tradition. This is indirectly forcing someone to love in the lifetime.

The Valentine's Day is celebrated by every person in the world. The shops are filled with thousands of red and pink color roses and we can see Valentine’s Day cards covering every surface and every shop in the world from all the Valentine’s Day celebrating countries.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

As far as valentine's day gifts are concerned, no matter how much expensive or cheaper the gifts are what matters is the emotions and feelings of the gift giver. A variety of options are available in the market for both the genders.

For Her: Some of the things that top the list of gifts for women are fashionable clothes, jewelry and bags. You can buy her that sexy dress which she has been longing for or sexy lacy lingerie too could be a great intimate gift for your partner.

Valentine's Day Celebrations

  • People buy the Valentine's Day cards, gifts, candles, chocolates, balloons and so on.
  • Exchange those articles with his/her sweet heart.
  • All the restaurants and hotels will be packed with lovers.
  • All the archives shops, flower shops will be packed with the gifts and roses respectively.
  • People will be very busy in purchasing the Valentine's Day things or gifts.
  • Some people purchase normal gifts like greeting cards, gifts, and rose flowers.
  • Some people purchase luxurious items like diamond rings.
  • Middle class people planning to go restaurant, park, movies.
  • Luxurious people planning to go tour.

According to an old saying jewelry, specifically diamond, is a woman's best friend so you can give her a diamond ring, earrings or a diamond pendant, depending on your budget. Bags too could be a great gifting option particularly if your better half loves acquiring bags of different shapes and sizes.

Valentine's Day Celebrations

But if you want to give her something unique, you can gift a personalized magazine cover to her, carrying your photos on different occasions on the front and back. Or else you can give her a personalized lamp shade with your photos imprinted on it. This would look great in your bedroom, reminding you of those precious moments together.

You can also get a personalized message engraved or embossed on a photo frame for your beloved. You can compile together a CD of her favorite songs and insert personal messages between the songs to make it more personal and you can be sure that she will keep this CD as her treasure throughout her life.

For Him: The usual gifts could be clothes, watches, his favorite perfume and even electronic gadgets. You can gift him clothes from his favorite designer or tuxedos from his favorite brand. You can also gift him his favorite fragrances which will linger on for quite a long time. Watches too could be another option if he likes to have different watches for different occasions.

Men are crazy about the latest electronic gadgets so you can give him the latest mobile, DVD player, I-pod, laptop, handy cam, digital camera or gaming consoles etc. You can also give him the DVD collection of his all-time favorite movies.

For Valentine's Day, so many companies’ releases games and astrology on their names with his/her loved ones according to their wish. The game is like: couples type their names (he /she) submit them to it. It will show how much love you are showering on your sweetheart and vice versa in percentage and also predicts how the future life with your beloved sweet heart would be, after you marry her/him. Some astrologers release very good information about lovers.

If he is a sports enthusiast, you can gift him golf set, cricket gear or pool set. You can personalize his set by getting his initials engraved or embossed in it to make him feel extra special. If he likes to go on adventures or hiking, you can gift him a trekking trip or a camping trip in the forests.

Valentine's Day Activities

Valentines day activities

Since Valentine's Day is meant to spend some quality and quantity time with your partner, families and friends, you can indulge in some activities so that you not only spend time together but also have fun while doing it.

Valentine's Day activities for couples: You can wash your car together to have some moments of unadulterated fun together. You can cook up a storm literally by getting together to whip up your favorite dish. You can listen to the CD of your favorite songs together and dance to some of the romantic numbers.

Or else you can join a dance class like maybe salsa or ballroom dance where you get a chance to be up-close to each other. You can also give each other a body massage and thereafter get into the bath together! You can also watch a good romantic movie together.

Valentine's Day Activities for Families

You can go for long drives or picnic and spend your valantine day eating, drinking and playing. All the family members can get together to prepare special Valentine's day meal with every member given a separate task. Though the clean-up after the mess would be quite a task, it would be great fun for all.

You can visit an old age home or orphanage and spend some time with the residents there. Take along some gifts for them and their impromptu smile would make your heart gladden. Also this will help your children to know the importance of what they have and others don't.

You can celebrate Valentine's Day in any way you like but make sure that you uphold the spirit of the Valentine's Day which is meant for love not only for your close ones but for the humanity on the whole.

Lot of people enjoy the Valentine’s Day with their beloved one. Someone plans to go long drive, tour, restaurants, park, celebrating with friends, giving the parties, enjoying with loving ones and so on.  Maximum number of people (who are in love) wear the red color cloths, T-shirts, shirts and ladies wear the red color dresses and celebrate the Valentine's Day happily.