Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine's Day time of the year when air is filled with love, romance and laughter. Valentine's Day, which is celebrated in memory of St Valentine, brings loved ones closer to each other.

Though initially valentine's day was only meant for lovers and couples, these days it has become a family affair in which a son or a daughter too express their love for parents and grandparents.

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

Kids having an artistic flair for drawing can make cards for their loved ones who'll be very touched by this gesture. Those having a creative bent of mind with words can pen down some lines praising and honoring their loved ones to make them feel special. Otherwise you can go to interactive websites which provides customized poems and take its printout and leave it for them at their bedside so that the first thing they see when they wake up is your poem.

Kids can also bake a special valentine day cake or cookies in the shape of a heart with the help of either parents or some elderly person in the family. Teenagers, under the supervision of an elderly family member, can prepare special Valentine day meal of heart-shaped pancakes and cookies or cake to express their love and concern for their mother.

Valentine’s Day Activities for children is very funny because those people drawn own valentine’s day greeting and give it to their loved ones. With this valentine’s day activity the children are enjoyed on that day why because children’s are also celebrating, and share the valentine's day activities with partner. But this type of celebration is not suggested to the children’s.

Valentine's Day Activities for Couples

On a Valentine day, what matters is that the two of you spend quality time together and not what you do or don't. Both of you can give a wash to your car, after which you can indulge in a water fight and get some cozy moments together. Or else you can cook your favorite dish together! Nothing is more romantic than sharing cooking chores with your partner. Not only will the dish taste yummier you can also have the fun while making it.

If you are a great cook yourself, you can pamper your partner by serving the breakfast to her in bed. She will not only appreciate your culinary skills but also be touched by your gesture and make sure that you too have a great time! You can listen to the CD of your favorite songs and shake a leg or two on the romantic numbers.

If you have kids, you can send your kids to visit their cousins or friends and surprise your wife by taking her for a movie and a candle-lit dinner. You can also buy satin or lacy sexy lingerie for her for those moments of passion!

You can also watch a classic romantic movie like Pretty Woman, Casablanca, It happened one night, Romeo and Juliet or Love Story at home to get those passions sizzling! You can go for an exotic holiday or valentine's day weekend trip so that you get the quality time together and enjoy just being there for each other.

Valentine’s Day Activities For couple, the couples so enjoyed with partners. Why because they can share the feelings, happiness, enjoy with the children’s, giving the surprises to each other, going to movie, cooking some item as per your partner taste and so on….the total day was spend like this only. Set the mood with good and nice music and decorate the house and play some valentine’s day games.

Valentine's Day Activities for Families

You can put several heart-shaped candies in a jar and ask every member of the family to guess the number of candies and write in on a paper with their name. The member whose guess is closest to the number of the candies in the jar will get the candy jar as a Valentine Day gift.

If you want to ensure that everyone gets a surprise, you can put some candies and a special valentine's day message in balloons and inflate them. You can attach these balloons to their bed or their chair so that they get a pleasant surprise on this great valentine day.

You can also visit old age homes or orphanages with lots of gifts and sweets to make the residents feel better and wanted and have a nice Valentine day. This will not only lead to some unforgettable memories but also help you feel good.

You can organize a picnic at some scenic place in your city and have a gala time by eating, playing and enjoying together. But if you don't want to visit a place full of people, you can enjoy picnic in your own garden or terrace by putting together all eatables and playthings in a basket and spread bed sheet on your lawn. You can do all activities you could have done at a picnic without even leaving the confines of your home!

You can celebrate the valentine's day whichever way you feel comfortable as this valentine day is all about loving, caring and enjoying. But make sure that you do not hurt your loved ones on this day and the rest of your life as these loved ones make your life meaningful and happy.

Valentine's Day Activities for Teachers

The teachers are prepared the lessons that extend valentine’s day activities to academic subjects. Teachers have prepared slide shows, printable notes, conducting quizzes this will make the students feel goods then lessons are easily understand by the student this is plan of teachers. There is plenty for your students to enjoy the students. These are the valentine’s day activities for the teachers.

Valentine’s Day Activities brings chocolate, brings flowers, cards, most of all love. Someone started first relation recently for those people the valentine day is good opportunity for express their love on this day.

Preparation for Valentine’s Day Activities Party

Plan for the Valentine's Day Party weeks in advance.

  • Select the theme for the party and accordingly plan your decorations.
  • Send invitations two weeks in advance and inform guests about dress code if there is any.
  • Announce a prize for the most innovatively dressed person to inspire your guests.
  • Plan the menu and book the caterer in time to avoid last minute hassles.
  • Delegate the work of decoration, gifts etc to friends or family members so that work progresses smoothly and nobody feels burdened.