Unique Gift Ideas

If you are planning to give some gift to your dear ones, try to choose something unique. A unique touch will surely make your gift all the more remarkable. Instead of just giving an ordinary gift for just namesake, make the one being gifted feel more special by adding some variety to your gift. Think a while about the person, their age and their character before choosing a gift. 

Unique Gifts for Her

Gifts for ladies are quite easy to choose but to choose something different, it is quite difficult. Here are some items listed which might make your gift a unique one.

Personalized Photo Frame:

A photo frame with your dear one’s name engraved on it will make your gift look quite different from that of others.


Gifting watches of a different variety like the one with beaded strap or with some hangings on it will make your gift a unique one.

Cosmetic Set:

Women will always have an attraction towards cosmetics. So try to gift them with some branded cosmetic product which no one usually cares to buy. You can buy any cosmetic item like lipsticks, lip glows, lip liners, blush on, eye liner, mascara, compact powder, sunscreen lotions etc.

Lipstick Holder:

A lip stick holder is an essential thing for ladies to store their lip sticks. Gifting your dear one with a lipstick holder

will make your gift a unique one.


A women spends most of her time in front of mirror so you can gift her with a special type of mirror. Mirror of different types like small portable one of some special shape like star shape, heart shape or a small mirror of closed type which, when opened will have a mirror at one side and a photo frame at other side will look quite different.


You can gift your dear ones with some clothing with their name or photo or some funny messages printed on it which might look unique. You can also gift them the dress of their favorite brand or favorite color which might surprise them.  


Laptop will be a perfect gift to be given for youngsters and college going students who doesn’t have it. There will be no one of this age who doesn’t wishes to have a personal laptop so this gift might really surprise them.

Cell Phones:

Even if we have a good cell phone, our eye will be upon the one better than that. So if you know the type of cell phone your dear one is using, try to gift her with a better model.

Hand Bags:

It is a perfectly good idea to gift hand bag of different variety like one with bead work, mirror work, embroidery etc. which is a perfect  to carry while going for functions or  you can even gift leather bags which bears a professional look.


Every woman will be happy to receive a diamond or pearl necklace. So gift her necklaces with these sparkling stone to receive back her sparkling smile.


A dozen of earrings of various colors and various patterns will make your gift a unique one compared to others. But before gifting them, make sure that she loves wearing earrings.


A gold or silver bracelet with some hangings on it is a unique gift to be given to your dear one.


Gifting her with a simple diamond ring is the most elegant gift to be given. This ring will surely make your ring unique from all other gifts.


A gift box with dozens of hairclips of various colors in it which she can wear daily matching to the costumes will be a valuable gift.

Flower Vase:

A flower vase especially a crystal one will look attractive.

Photo Albums:

A personalized photo album with the name of your dear one engraved on it will make it look unique.

Personalized Pillow Cases:

A personalized pillow case with her name stitched on it makes it unique.

Personalized Hand Kerchiefs:

A personalized hand kerchief with her name stitched or embroidered on it will look unique.

Recipe Book:

Ladies always like cooking; so, make her happy with a recipe book containing new dishes.

Jewelry Box:

A jewelry box of golden, silver or wooden color will really surprise her.

Unique Gifts for Him

Gifts for boys and men are quite difficult to choose as they have it already. But let us see some unique ones


A tie is a unique gift with a professional touch to be given for your dear one.


A shirt of his favorite color and brand makes your gift a unique one.


A T-shirt can be made unique gift by printing his name or photo on it.


A silver ring with his name on it gives it a unique look.

Mobile Holder:

Present him a mobile holder which suite his mobile, it will surely surprise him.


Gifting a laptop to someone who doesn’t have it will make your gift a perfect one.

Photo Frame:

A photo frame with his name and few words written on it will make your gift a unique one.


A branded leather wallet is a unique gift to be given for your dear one.

DVD Player And TV:

A TV or DVD player will be a unique gift especially .


The moststunning gift you can give is a car.

Mobile Phone:

A mobile phone of latest model will make your gift outstanding.

Mp3 or Mp4 Player:

Mp3 or Mp4 players are unique gifts to be given especially for youngsters.


A digital camera with video recording function will make your gift look perfect.

Digital photo Displayer:

If you want to give something unique then gift a digital photo displayer.

Coffee mugs:

A coffee mug with his name engraved on it will make your gift unique among others.