Unique & Unusual Christmas Gifts This Christmas

Unique & Unusual Christmas Gifts This Christmas

Christmas is a festival when gifts are exchanged between friends, relatives and even colleagues to express their love. Gifts help in expressing your true emotions to your loved ones. A gift should not be judged by its price; rather it is the emotions and sentiments of the person giving the gift which matters. It is very important that you are aware about the hobbies and likes and dislikes of the recipients of your gift so that it becomes more special.

Creative Christmas Gifts

If you are bored of giving usual Christmas gifts to your loved ones and want to go that extra length to make the recipient of your gift feel special, you can make something yourself to add that personal touch to your gift which your loved ones would remember and cherish throughout his/her life.

If your wife or mother is fond of collecting recipes and a great foodie, you can compile different recipes from a variety of cuisines in a book in your handwriting. She will definitely appreciate that you spent your time and effort on her gift.

You can also compile different photographs of you and your loved ones into a scrapbook with interesting and funny captions beneath it. You can also pen down your memories associated with a particular photograph in it, giving it a very personal touch. It will surely make the recipient emotional.

If you are good at baking, you can also bake Christmas plum cakes and cookies and write personalized message on the icing. Your recipient will surely appreciate your delicious gift.

Unusual Christmas Gifts

If you are short on time and can't make gifts for your loved ones yourself and yet want to give them something unique and out-of-the-box, you don't need to worry as lot of such gifts are available in the market.

The usual photo frame is a passé but you can make it extra special by hand-painting a personalized message for the loved ones. Better still, you can give them an illuminated photo frame, with a photo of some special moment you shared with your loved ones, in the shape of a proper lamp or a night lamp, to pep up your living room.

Family portrait platter, in which photographs of all the members of the family with their names are hand painted, could be great keepsakes which could adorn the walls of your drawing room for years to come.

If your loved one is fond of reading, you can give him/her a bestseller be it fiction or non-fiction. Or you can give your friend a CD or DVD which he has been longing for quite some time. Another good option could be to buy tickets for a concert by your loved one's favorite star.

If your friend is quite eco-conscious, you can gift her recycled candy wrapper handbag or bag so that she can lead with example. You can also personalize the usual Christmas stocking by getting the name of your loved ones, especially the new-borns, embroidered on it.

You can also plan a vacation with your family and friends away from the hectic life to enjoy and celebrate the festival of love and togetherness.

No matter what gift you give to your loved ones, it's the emotions and feelings and that special relationship with the recipient of your gifts that count the most.