Types of Washing Machines

Washing machines have turned to the best agent for washing and drying your clothes. There are many types of washing machines available in the market but before purchasing it for your home, you should have basic idea of types of washing machines and their functions. This will ease your research to get best washing machine based on your requirements.

We can broadly divide types of washing machines based on their function and based on their loading.

Types of Washing Machines Based on Loading

There are basically two types of loads in washing machines. These are:

Frond Load:

In front loading automatic washing machine is much heavier. They cannot be stopped in between washing cycle. They have proved to be efficient than its competitive top load machines, in terms of power consumption, water consumption, and performance. Front loading machine easily handles delicate clothes. Its maintenance cost is high.

Top Load:

These are cheaper compare to front loading machines. They can be stopped in between washing cycle. Their maintenance cost is negligible. These are not good for delicate laundry.

Types of Washing Machines Based on Function

Based on the function, washing machines are divided into two categories:

Semi Automatic:

These washing machines have two tubs, one for washing and other for drying. So you need to do manual work of taking clothes out from washer and then put them in dryer. Both of the tubs are top load.

Fully Automatic:

It comes in both front load and top load. It is a single tub machine. You just need to once load the clothes and the rest is done by machine.

The choice of the washing machine entirely depends upon your budget, power in your area, the water supply at your home, and your budget. Semi automatic washing machine is much cheaper than fully automatic.