Types of Publications

Book Publications: is a compiled form of written or blank papers. Initially during ancient civilization, our ancestors used stone or bark of a tree for writing. Then they started writing on parchments or palm leaves.

The books we see today can be dated back to early 1800s when the steam printing press was invented. From then on, the book has gone through many evolutions, the latest being online books. Online books are the ones that can be read on a website with no hassles of searching for a particular book in different bookstores.

Books come in different forms like textbooks, logbooks, accounting books, notebooks and encyclopedia. Textbooks consist of study material for students on any subject. Logbooks are meant for registering entries be it daily, weekly or monthly. Individuals can use it to keep a tab on their daily expenditure.

As the name suggests, accounting books are meant to maintain accounts of expenditure, revenue, profit or loss by an accountant of an organization or company. Notebooks are books compiled with blank pages, which are generally used by students to take notes during classes. An encyclopedia is a series of books containing informative articles on different topics.

Calendar Publications: generally made of paper, depicts date, month and year. There are wall calendars, desktop calendars and digital calendars. These days, mobiles, laptops and computers too have calendar, which helps its user to identify the day and keep him abreast of upcoming events and appointments. It also helps him to efficiently manage his time.

There are two types of calendar - a lunar calendar and a solar calendar. A lunar calendar follows the cycle of moon whereas a solar calendar follows the movement of Sun. Islamic calendar, which is used in Muslim-dominated countries, is an example of lunar calendar while Gregorian calendar, the most widely used calendar the world over, follows the sun calendar.

Catalog Publications: is a booklet brought out by different companies or businesses, giving details about their company, its achievements, its products and prices. It gives an overview about the company and its products to the interested clients.

Comic Publications: consist of images combined with text, generally humorous, to appeal to the lighter side of the readers. It comes out as comic strips in newspapers or magazines like Peanuts, Dennis the Menace and Calvin and Hobbes, and comic books, which are entirely dedicated to the antics of a particular character like Tintin and Archies.

Though comic strips first made its appearance in a newspaper around 1890s, this form of art gained popularity only in 1929 when The Adventures of Tintin was published in a Belgian newspaper. The same year, i.e. 1929, saw the advent of action comic strips like Tarzan.

Magazine Publications: is a publication containing articles on varied subjects. Magazine has different periodicity from weekly, bi-weekly to monthly, fortnightly or quarterly. Some magazines, particularly business magazines, are exclusively meant for its subscribers, as they are quite expensive while others can be bought off the rack from any bookstore.

Depending on the readers they are catering to, magazines can be classified as news magazines, car magazines, children magazines, health and fitness, lifestyle, business, computer, sports, home and furniture, women's and men's magazines.

Map Publications: is an almost accurate depiction of a region, complete with places, water bodies and all. The most widely used map is road map, which gives details about directions, roads and important landmarks in a particular area.

Newslette Publicationsr: is a publication that delves into one particular subject. Many organizations and businesses come out with their in-house newsletter to provide information on latest techniques in their area of expertise, company's achievements, upcoming events and news concerning employees. This type of newsletter is basically aimed at developing good relations between the employer and employees and is generally given free of cost.

There are other types of newsletter on particular topics like literacy, which are distributed among its subscribers only.

A term paper: is an article that is properly researched after reading several sources on a particular subject. Mostly written by students, term paper could be on any topic they want to specialize in.