Types of Christmas Bells

Types of Christmas Bells

Christmas is a festival that embodies joy, fun and hope. In this special time of year people assembled to make the celebration more lively with warmth and love. It is celebrated worldwide with zeal by diverse folks. Significant enough we should understand the meaning of all the symbols connected with Christmas.

Accordingly Christmas bells proclaim the birth of Lord Jesus on earth and therefore considered as an essence of Christianity. These bells symbolize divine love and protection. They remind us of churches. It is strongly believed that the ringing of bells call forth the fortunes and bliss. They resounds warnings and frighten away evil spirits.

They can easily be made or achieved. The ringing of bells involves a lot of fun and can be incorporated well with Christmas themes and patterns. These noisemakers are simple yet stylish enough to decorate the houses artistically.

Since ancient times Christmas bells are best known for jolly, cheerful tones that welcome auspicious festival season. Today, different kinds of bells are available to make the season scintillating and commonly used in Christmas celebrations and activities. They fall under the following categories as:

Christmas Crystal Bells

They create a dazzling look that reflects the natural earthy colors. They are described as a source of energy to nourish the soul. They can be found in different patterns in the shapes of:

  • Christmas Tree Bells
  • Turtle Dove Christmas Bells
  • Twelve Days of Christmas Bells
  • Jeweled Dove Christmas Bells
  • Crystal Star Christmas Bells
  • Partridge in a Pear Tree Christmas Bells
  • Calling Birds Christmas Bells
  • Silver Plated Christmas Bells
  • Five Golden Rings Christmas Bells

Christmas Chime Bells

They are identified as auspicious ornaments to enchant the exterior of the homes. They produce soft, pleasant, and soothing sounds when swirled by the wind. They make the garden a livelier place full of wonderments. These bells can be hung in an open doorway, from the porch's ceiling, near the pool or over the window for greater effect. They include:

  • Silver Christmas Chime Bells
  • Christmas Tree Chimes Bells
  • Metal Chime Christmas Bells
  • Angel Christmas Belsl Chime
  • Christmas Bells for Frosted Glass Snowflake Chime
  • Jingle Christmas Bells Wind Chime
  • Christmas Jollier Holiday Ceramic Bells Chime
  • Christmas Angel Story Bells Wind Chime

 Sleigh Bells

A sleigh bell reminds us of Santa Clause. According to the old Christmas story a sleigh bell will be heard by those who believe in Santa. Ring these bells to raise the magical sounds, sustaining long-lasting memories for the years to follow. A wide variety of bells modeled into different colorful shapes and styles include:

  • Silver Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Gold Plated Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Sterling Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Holy Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Musical Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Santa Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Traditional Strap Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Individual Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Heirloom Sleigh Christmas Bells
  • Animal Shaped SleighChristmas Bells

Cherub Bells

It displays a beautiful angel on the top of hand-bells. A cherub is a heavenly winged being who is believed to be an attendant of God. Holding a great spiritual significance these bells can be categorized as:

  • Heavenly Cherub Hostess Angel Christmas Bells
  • Silver Plated Cherub Playing Horn Christmas Bells
  • Cherub Brass Christmas Bells
  • Royal Doulton Christmas Bells With Cherub
  • Porcelain Cherub Dinner Christmas Bells
  • Green Wedgewood Christmas Bells With Cherubs
  • Cherubs Ringing Christmas Bells
  • Holy Cherub Baby Christmas Bells
  • Cute Enesco Cupid Cherub Angel Christmas Bells

Porcelain Bells

Bells are the simple noisemakers that dispel evils. Porcelain bells are stylish and stunning. They look beautiful with their embossed patterns. They are made as:

  • Butterfly Porcelain Christmas Bells
  • Lenox Porcelain Christmas Bells
  • Precious Moments Christmas Bells
  • Christmas Santa Porcelain Bells
  • Vintage Christmas Porcelain Bells
  • Christmas Angel Porcelain Bells
  • Christmas Holy Porcelain Bells
  • Porcelain Liberty Christmas Bells

Case Study

Christmas bells herald the birth of Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. Even today they are considered as an integrated part of festivity and tradition. People use them because they bear a spiritual significance and drive away all devils. It is impossible to imagine Christmas celebration without the jingling sounds of bells.

For Example

Around 431 A.D. Bishop Paulinus of Nola in Campania started using big church bells during Christmas. There are many legends related with Christmas bells. Even now people admire and adore them as they generate pleasant and soothing sounds and are believed to be the medium between heaven and earth. Christmas bells are formed differently in each culture. In Haiti, they can be found as wooden bells that actually don't produce any ringing sound as compared to the silver bells that we all used in festive decoration.