Turquoise Jewelry

History of Turquoise jewelry

  • Human Being from the earliest civilizations has strongly believed that the material turquoise has the magnetic power to attract fortune, love, and wealth and this belief persists century after century.
  • Ancient folklore has it that turquoise possesses healing and protective powers. In fact, Persian traders of the 13th century often used to prefer turquoise jewelry in order to garner the protective and magical powers of any gemstone.
  • Necklaces made from Turquoise have even been unearthed in historical tombs of the Egypt during the time of 3500 B.C. Since time, turquoise has been a highly prized and wanted gemstone for use in art, religion, trade, and jewelry.
  • The rise in the requirement and reduced accessibility of turquoise led to the expansion of stone enhancement and they looked so real that one can’t even identify them.
  • The most attracting uniqueness of turquoise is its marked color and matrix.
  • The coloration ranges from light-sky-blue to green.
  • The majority turquoise stones have gone through enhancement treatments to attain these characteristics and one such treatment is called Color-stabilization, where a dye is used to twirl a pale and chalky stone into a lively colored and powerful stone.
Types of Jewelry

There are three types of turquoise jewelry:

  • Wholesale turquoise jewelry
  • Silver and turquoise jewelry
  • White turquoise jewelry
  • Howlite or normally known as “White Turquoise” is a semi-precious spongy soft, opaque, mystical gemstone which is snowy white in exterior look with pastel gray streaks which is said to be calming and superb for insomnia.
  • This is composed of Hydrous Calcium Beryllium Silicate formed in desert borax deposits as a secondary mineral.
  • Its therapeutic nature helps to tranquil the nerves and is therefore an ideal stone for meditation.
  • Wearing Howlite also lends a hand in maintaining tempers and fury at bay.
Turquoise rings
  • Turquoise stones have recurrently been fixed to rings to strengthen the principles the rings stand for.
  • In the current time, the craving for turquoise rings is on the increase as people endeavor for that particular characteristic and exotic style.
Turquoise Bands
  • Bands were initially made out of :
  • bones
  • shells
  • other soft items
  • But nowadays, they are made of :
  • basic metals
  • plastics
  • glass
  • Wood.
  • Though the materials have changed, the structure has stayed the same.
  • Furthermore, these days you can see that keeping silver as the base, turquoise has become one of the most in fashion stones for band inlay.
  • This makes it a great design for everyday casual or occasional wear hinting a subtle elegance.
Turquoise Set Stone Rings
  • The set-stone design allows the turquoise to attain a more natural, less constrictive look.
  • A bezel shaped setting shelters and encases the turquoise with metal which makes the stone emerge as an extension of the ring, rather than an addition.
Turquoise Stackers
  • A show of wealth or a trendy fashion statement, people take pleasure in embellishes their fingers with several turquoise rings.
  • Stackers can consist of any mixture of bands or set-stone rings.
  • Whatever the combination, they are intended to match each other, and to add casual style to the wearer.
Tips while buying Turquoise
  • In order to stay away from being defrauded written documentation should be asked including details on the price, authenticity, and any other spoken message which has been made.
  • Any dependable dealer will never ever hesitate to give you a written confirmation.