Triangle Face Hairstyles

With a triangular face shape the goal is to soften your chin and widen your forehead.
Let’s see what are the triangle face shape hairstyles that seems to be most effective for triangle face shape individuals, as well as those hairstyles that seems to do justice for this type of face.

Almost Like Heart Shape

The triangular face shape looks like heart shape face in that it is widest in the area of the forehead and slender at the area of the lower jaw and chin.

Broaden The Forehead

  • It has been found that hairstyles that broaden the regions around the forehead are usually considered more experimental when it comes to triangle faces shapes.
  • This enables to reduce the visibility of the broad jaw line.
  • The hairstylist for this shape face should narrow down the chin area by opening the forehead area.

Perfect Bangs

Bangs that are done in an upright direction are much more prominent than bangs that are combed down straight over the forehead. Hairstyles that are cut and layered around the facial region and left open at the top are perfect triangle face shape hairstyles compare to straight cuts with bangs that wisp down on the face.
These hairstyles highlight the upper area of the face and reduce the total visibility of the strong jaw line.
As you can see, there are several methods of triangle face shape hairstyles which you can gracefully wear if you are the owner of a triangle face. Listed here are a couple of examples that are quite famous and tasted when it comes to triangle face shape hairstyles suiting the triangle face shapes.
If you are looking to narrow down the potential of your beauty, it may be perfect to consider some of these evergreen hairstyles suiting on triangle face shape.

The Right Short Hairstyle

  • The short layered style is awesome triangle face shape hairstyle as it puts hair right in place where it should have been to make your face shape appear proportional.
  • The heavy top layers enable hair to look rounder and voluminous right above the ears, while absence of bangs allow the face shape look longer, driving attention to the forehead and away from the jaw line.
  • Many hair stylists advocate that it is better to have a short in length hairstyle and it should be open at the upper part of the face instead of covering up the forehead area and opening up the jaw line and bottom of the face.

The Wrong Short Hairstyle

  • The short hairstyle is the right example what doesn't suit triangular shape faces.
  • To start with, the bangs should heavy fall forward in the eyes.
  • This makes the overall structure of the face look shorter and wider.
  • Due to the sides being short layered, the jaw region actually seems larger and wider than it actually is. Triangle Face Hairstyles

The Right Medium Hairstyle

  • This is a great triangle face shape hairstyle which suits triangular face shape.
  • The sides comes gently onto and apart from the jaw line providing cover in the perfect places, and the side swept bangs go well to generate diagonal direction drawing attention towards the eyes.

The Wrong Medium Hairstyle

  • Too wide is too square! This hairstyle is one of the worst hairstyle for triangular faces.
  • The sides make the jaw region, which is larger naturally, look even broader and bigger.
  • The big bangs enable the face shape look even wider and shorter leading to eye and sides adding width once more!
  • The hairstyle enhances the actual shape of a triangular face shape rather than compensating and balancing it.

The Right Long Hairstyle

  • The long wavy hairstyle is a great look and a good example of designing triangle face shape hairstyle.
  • The gentle waves have a naturally soft look that falls gently due to the layering.
  • The middle part will divide the face into two long narrow regions thus creating the illusion of slenderness.
  • This shape will go well with straight and curly textures.
  • Several people who carry this specific facial type mostly prefer to wear long hair.
  • There are many good long hairstyles that can complement the triangle shaped face.
  • One nice example includes the hairstyle that is comprehensively long, and has a number of long, natural waves.
  • You can part the hair in the middle, allow the forehead look visible and let rest of your hair come gently over your shoulders.
  • This look will really bring out the original beauty and glamorous part of the triangle shaped face.

The Wrong Long Hairstyle

  • Triangular faces are pear shaped and are narrow at the top forehead part and broad at the jaw line chin part.
  • This style even narrows at the bottom and sides and draws more attention to the jaw part, while the heavy bangs make the face appear shorter and broader.

So, did you see, even if you own a triangle face shape there is not dearth of triangle face shape hairstyles to work out with!

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