Traditional Flowers For Funerals

Funerals are occasions to share grief and express sympathy for the departed souls. The occasion is marked by traditions and rituals, and by the use of funeral flowers. Traditional flowers for funerals carry a lot of meaning and symbolize the expression of grief with the family and friends of the deceased.

Traditional Flowers for Funerals:


Roses are the most favored flowers in many occasions and they are the universal choices when it comes to funerals as well. Roses come in many colors, but the ones that are commonly used are the red ones, followed by white roses. Red roses are used with their foliage to present an elegant look on the coffins to mark the solemn occasion. Further, red roses are not too expensive and are easily available.


Chrysanthemums are thought to be naturally associated with the virtues of honesty and truth and have been traditionally used in funerals. Chrysanthemums tend to come in a wide range of colors, such as white, tan, yellow, and pink. While yellow and pink are commonly used as traditional flowers for funerals, it is white that tends to be the majorly used varieties in times of sorrow and grief.


These are flowers that come in bright red, and hence, serve the purpose of being the base of the traditional flowers of funerals. Carnations do come in other colors, but the ones that are invariably preferred in their use as bases are the red ones. Red is a color that denotes passion; the red carnations are used to express solidarity with the grieving family. Another practical reason for their use is that they tend to last longer and stay fresher in comparison with the other choices.


The good old lily has been one of the leading flowers of choice in funerals and is readily associated with occasions such as the funeral. Lily, in its white color, is associated with purity, symbolizing that the departed soul has returned to its native state of eternal purity and bliss.