Top Loading Washing Machine Capacity

Despite the growing popularity of front loaders in the market, top loading washing machines are still preferred by many, mainly for their capacity and water utility. Moreover, they are less expensive, more durable and easier to install and use when compared to front loaders. For smaller families, couples or singles, top loading washing machine offers the right capacity and performance within their budget.

One of the puzzling facts or top concerns for washing machine buyers is how much capacity they need or what the capacity of a machine means to them. Depending on the size of the family, their laundry need and budget, the right brand, capacity and model need to be chosen. Here we discuss the capacity of top loading washing machines.

Top Loading Washing Machine Capacity

In the past, the standard size of top loading washing machines ranged from 2.7 cubic ft - 3.2 cubic ft. However today, the standard size of conventional top loaders ranges from 3.2 cubic ft – 3.5 cubic ft. You can find special, compact top loaders with lesser capacity. People who have space constraint in their house or want a compact machine for their apartment prefer these smaller top loaders.

The width of most washing machines is 27 inches. You can also find a few models at 25 inches. The average depth of the machines ranges between 25 and 28 inches. The height of the top loaders is usually 36 inches (not counting the back panel).

Thus, the full-size top loaders have a width of 27 inches and a capacity between 3-3.5 cubic ft. They can hold 12 – 16 pounds of clothes. In general, the top loading washing machines are said to have a bigger capacity compared to their counterparts, the front loading washing machines. You wash more clothes in one go, thus saving time, water and electricity.