Titanium Jewellery


Titanium jewellery for both men and women are available from a wide range of manufacturers. Titanium, one of the most expensive and highly desired body jewellery materials, is virtually nickel-free, reducing the chances of any allergic reaction. Most people find the additional cost to be worthwhile.

Aircraft grade titanium rings and aircraft grade titanium watches will let the world know that you have arrived. Due to the strength and hardness of titanium it is possible to obtain innovative and distinguished pieces of jewellery.

Apart from rings, bracelets and chains, cufflinks, shirt studs and key chains are also available for men and women. Jewellery for men also include enamelled tie clips and collar stays. The stone studded rings set off elegant fingers and black titanium rings convey that touch of class that is so essential. Some retailers offer carved titanium rings as well as gem-studded his and her rings, apart from solidly crafted bracelets with fold-over clasps.

Aircraft grade titanium jewellery are for the truly fashion conscious and come as bracelets and studded jewellery.

If you prefer an extremely elegant and unique jewellery that have a look at titanium jewellery made and sold by individual crafters. They offer a wide range that includes man titanium jewellery, titanium body jewellery, titanium magnetic jewellery, black titanium jewellery and body piercing titanium jewellery

Titanium jewellery available as a selection of fine jewellery that is different and unusual covers both the traditional and contemporary styles. Also available are card cases and money clips.

Before finalising your purchase check out the latest multicoloured titanium designs called Timascus Titanium. Timascus is the combination of two or more titanium alloys fashioned in the same manner as Damascus steel used to make Japanese swords.

Two different types of Timascus are available:

Colourful Timascus or White Timascus where various colours are produced through the use of heat and anodising. Each ring of White Timascus alloy has its very own distinctive colors and design.

Black Timascus where the colour is two-toned. Each jewellery piece of Black Timascus has its own pattern making each item very special and unique.

The variety and range of jewellery and accessories available in titanium make it a truly wonderful experience to shop for them.