Things to Consider Before You Buy a Handbag

Women are very conscious about fashion and style. They not only concentrate on looking good but keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in the fashion industry, right from accessories to clothing; and footwear to handbags. They focus on possessing the current trend of fashion including handbags instead of figuring out what types of handbags suits their needs and style. Let us take a brief look on how to select a handbag.

Choose the Right Dimension of Handbag

While buying a handbag, it is always important and necessary to consider the size of handbag depending upon your body type. This helps you purchase the appropriate and suitable handbag that suits your body type as well as complements your looks. Despite of the handbag being branded, elegant and stylish; it would look unfashionable if it doesn’t compliment your figure.

Fashion gurus advice small bags for short and bulky people to compliment their look and outfit; and mid-sized, bulky or over-sized handbags for tall women.

Select the Apt Shape of Handbag

Choose a handbag that sets off well with your body shape. This is yet another criterion to consider while buying a handbag. Since handbags come in all shapes and sizes, selecting the perfect shape and size of handbag can make or break your entire look of fashion.

Fashion gurus suggest women to choose a handbag that is totally opposite to their body type and shape. For thin and tall women, a round bag suits best. For short people, tall and rectangle shaped handbags enhance the look making you look taller.

Zero-in a color that goes-off well with most of your dresses

After selecting the perfect size and shape of a handbag, look for an apt color that complements most of your dresses. Black, brown, grey and white are great options and always in-trend. Printed shaped bags as per the changing fashion trends are apt apart from the plain bags which are always in-trend.

Carry a Handbag as Per the Occasion

It is important to consider the occasion in mind while carrying a handbag because every event, party, place and season demands different types of handbags to enhance your entire look.


While buying a handbag, consider the current fashion, the fabric it has been crafted with, how it would suit your style and other such vital aspects.


Maintenance is important whether you buy a handbag or any other accessory. A well-maintained handbag has a long life and can be used for many years. Although it depends on how one uses it and what kind of textile has been used to make it, it all requires care and cleaning to make it look new over years.

Considering these factors before buying a handbag makes you avoid fashion faux paus.