The Best Top Loading Washing Machines

When buying a washing machine it is necessary to do some in-depth research about what models are out there in the market and what are the specific details, comparative advantages and disadvantages of each model that is available for sale in the market. Well here is a look at the two most recommended models in the top loading washing machine category.

The Samsung WA5451ANW top loading washing machine is an incredible model rolled out by Samsung. With an enhanced washer capacity, you can always fit more clothes in a single go, this means saving on your current bill as well as water bills. It has a new feature installed called Vibration Reduction Technology which helps to reduce noise and vibrations considerably and allows you to install these machines close to your sleeping or studying rooms. Another feature called the PureCycle helps to take out the residual dirt and detergent waste with the help of hot water and high speed spinning function in today’s washing machines. Apart from these, this washing machine has features to cater to less wear & tear of clothes and protection from 99% of everyday household germs. Different types of customer requirements are met by providing options life cycle options like Heavy duty, Towels, Active wear, Delicates & Hand Wash, Woollens, Quick Wash and Sanitize.

Best Models Revealed in the Market

Another model of washing machine which is highly recommended for new purchases is the LG WT4801 top loading washing machine. This model comes with 3.7 cubic feet washer which enables saving time and water by washing more clothes in a single round. It comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Thus now you need not worry about the life span of your washing machines. It also has in place an anti-vibration system which reduces the vibrations and noise while churning of the agitator. For a quick wash, it provides an option called the SpeedWash cycle which enables getting dirt free and absolutely fresh clothes in just a matter of 15 minutes. So, if you are going to hit the marketplace any time soon for buying a washing machine; be sure to check these two models.