Teen Party

Teen Party Ideas

Teenagers and parties always create magic. Teenage is the start of dreams of endless desires and hopes about life and future. Partying is one of the most sought after activities of almost every teenager. Parties for teens are a finely tuned combination of fun and thrill. You will find some teen party ideas which are evergreen.

Teen Party Decorations

Teenagers are one of the most partying groups of people. Teenagers are full of ecstasy and keenness to celebrations by hosting or attending fun packed parties. They would enjoy all through the night, if they are provided with an ambience to bolster the party spirits within them.

Welcoming Banner

Create a huge banner stating "welcome" in big bold letters. Allow the banner display the theme, if you have any. Choose a bright color font for the banner. Embellish the banner with bunches of balloons around it.

Decor of the Interiors

The interiors of the party must be as fascinating as the exteriors. You can decorate it with colorful balloons and streamers. You can also hang the streamers from the ceiling. Arrange the balloon mixed with different colors and place them at the corners of the party venue. The color should match the theme.

Themed Decorations

The theme could be simple or an assortment of two colors or a single color. Ensure that the decorative articles match with it.

Table Decorations

Table decorations play a vital part in adding to the all round appeal of the venue. Beautiful centerpieces can serve the purpose. A fruit basket, a flower vase with fresh flowers or something unique can also add to the excitement.

Teen Party Invitations

  • You can either opt for the conventional handmade card or go with the latest technology, viz. printable cards or e-cards.
  • If you have opted for a theme of a horror setting, you can include ghostly illustrations in your invitation card. The selection of words can also be scary.
  • In the absence of any theme you can go for a colorful card. You can purchase such cards from stores or get the same printed as well.
  • Don’t forget to specify the date, time and venue of the party clearly. Besides this provide emergency phone nos. also.
  • If you have planned the party at a venue which is far off from the city, make sure you explain directions.
  • If it is a “Surprise” party, ensure that you mention the same in the invitation card.

Teen Party Dress

Today even a simple teen party dress looks extremely stylish when you spice it up with accessories.

Teen Party Dress Ideas

  • Wear clothes that go with your physique as well as you feel comfortable.
  • Bring out your jeans and your favorite halter neck shirt. Match it up with a chunky belt and you will look rocking!
  • Take out that trendy skirt from your closet and wear it with a sleeveless tee shirt. Wear your designer flip-flops and use a hat to complement the look.
  • Guys can wear their shorts and cargoes combined with a tee shirt. Do up your hair in the latest style using some hair gel.
  • Match your attire suiting the theme, if any.
  • In case of not having clothes matching the theme, you can rent a costume from the local store. But plan it at least 10 days before the party.
  • Make sure that your footwear goes well with your attire. Wear comfortable footwear if it is a dance party.
  • Just dressing up smartly is not sufficient. It is very important that you feel and smell good. Spray your favorite deodorants, colognes or perfumes.

Teen Party Games

Teenagers get bored very quickly and something is needed to keep them engaged and mentally stirred. Planning some games that can be played both indoors and outdoors can surely be a hit with your young invitees.

Passing the Parcel

In this game all the members sit and pass the parcel among each other and meanwhile music is played. Once the music is stopped the person having the parcel is instructed to perform some activity like sing a song, dance or something else.

Chinese Whisper

In this game a person will whisper something to another person ear. The person then will pass on the statement to other person in the same fashion and every person has to recite the statement correctly. If the last person recites the statement incorrect all the participants are asked to repeat the statement one after another and the one who recites the wrong statement is out of the game.

Three-Legged Race

In this game participants have to stand in a line and one of the legs of every participant is tied up to their partner. They are asked to complete the race with one free leg each.

Teen Party Theme

One Color Party

It is an easy and interesting birthday party theme!  Pick one color and make everything in the same shade. Inform everyone in the invitation of the color they have to wear.  Hats, plates, napkins, cake, decorations, balloons, gift bags, prizes, food everything should display the same color.

Chocolate fountain

Set out large toothpicks and bowls of strawberries, fruit, twinkies, etc. Dip it all into the chocolate. Just add music and enjoy!

Luau Party

It is one of the most famous teenage party themes which are arranged outdoors during the summer. In this party besides traditional foods and entertainment a limbo contest is included to get the things moving. A string of white lights can also add electrifying glow. You can conduct a hula contest with your guests wearing the grass skirts.

Movie Theme Party

Select a nice movie for all teen guests and organize the party in the same tune. Music can also be included to set the mood on. Serving the chocolate coins can also serve the purpose.

Hollywood Theme

For this type of party, the posters of Hollywood stars can be pasted on the walls. You can dress up yourself just like your favorite Hollywood star. This wonderful theme will enable you to feel like the Oscar-winning Star of the Night.

The Survivor Party

The teenagers are encouraged to use their imagination. They are instructed to make a lot of noise and yucky acts. It requires plenty of foods. You will spin a wheel and it will indicate a specific food that a teenager has to eat.

Murder Mystery Theme

It offers a tincture of drama and excitement that the teenagers always love. You can select from number of murder mystery games such as Way out West, Dead man’s Chest, Davy Jones’ Locker, Hollywood Lies, etc.

Beach Theme

Decorate the party venue with the posters of blue water, shark and domestic fish. It will make you feel as if you are enjoying a beach party.

Teen Party Hangout

Many families offer their teenagers a hangout room where they can invest time with their friends in privacy still be at home. Decorating this room can be a fun and challenging experience.

Teen Scavenger Hunt Party

That "old-fashioned" party game is now coming back in vogue at parties as a new generation reinvents how and why scavenger hunts initially began.
Participants are generally assigned a list of items to search out that are hidden around the house. The best hunters are those who come back with the heaviest "loot", but the goal of the most enjoyable hunt is just to make friends and enjoy.

Teen Sleepover Party

  • Decide how many kids to invite sitting with your kid. Consider the size of your living room or any other features of your house that decide how many teens can fit in your house.
  • Send the invitations a week before, or pass the word on phone. Ensure that the party will be supervised by an adult present in all of the activities.
  • Instruct everyone to carry a sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Assemble three or four age-appropriate videos for the kids to watch. Be ready if the kids want to bake cookies, go to swim or play games.
  • Have a good stock of snacks and beverages. Explain what rooms kids can use and make limits on phone and kitchen use. This way they can enjoy the sleepover time!