Gifts for Teen Guy's

Gifts are a mode of expression of one’s love and affection towards the recipient. If given with heart, a gift – whether it is big or small, cheap or expensive – will definitely touch the heart of the recipient.

While choosing a gift for teen guys, you must keep in mind their interests and likes and dislikes. However, if you are not aware about their likes and dislikes, you can go for most common gifts for teen guys which are electronic gadgets, video games, sports equipment or gear and latest pop songs.
Some of the gifts for teen guys are:

  1. Electronic gadgets are liked by all boys, teens and men alike. You can never go wrong with the latest iPod, cell phone, digital cameras and video camera. You can also gift him a PDA cell phone or a Personal Organizer to make him a bit organized.

You can gift him the latest iPod in the market which he can use to watch some of his favorite movies, download music, play games and check e-mails that too while he is on the move. You can also gift him iPod speakers which he can use when he is at home. An iPhone with its touch screen interface is another option for the gadget-freak guys.

The latest digital camera which captures beautiful moments spent with his friends and which also does limited video recording could be a good gift for a guy, who will treasure this gift forever.

  1. All the guys love playing video games so you can buy him gaming consoles like Play Station 3, XBOX 360 or Nintendo Wii and he will surely love it. Before buying the games, just confirm about the kind of games he already has.
  2. Guys in their teens want to impress their friends – both male and female – with their personality and dressing sense so they like to wear things that are ‘in’ and that make them look fashionable. You can gift them sunglasses, hats or clothes that make them stand out in the crowd. If you are not sure whether your gift will be as per the taste of the recipient, you can give him gift coupons or gift cards from a mall so that he can pick up whatever he wants.
  3. You can also give them gift coupons of music shops so that they can buy the music of their choice. A gift coupon of fast food joints or coffee shops is another way to indulge them.
  4. If the teen guy concerned is interested in any sport, you can gift him sporting equipment, sporting gear, tickets to matches of his favorite team or even coaching lessons for his favorite sport.

If the recipient is interested in soccer, you can buy him a replica jersey of his favorite soccer player. If he is interested in tennis, you can buy him tennis racquets and balls or if he is interested in cricket, you can buy him a complete cricket set with bat, ball, wickets and even cricket gear like pads and helmet for protection.

  1. If he is a health freak, you can gift him a lifetime membership of a health club or gym. You can also give him a gift basket containing healthy food products like oats, muesli, juices and other such stuff.

You can also gift him Nike gift pack which includes shoes which have been integrated with an iPod, enabling the runner to listen to music and keep track of how much he has run.

  1. If he is into singing or dancing, you can get him enrolled in a training institute to hone his skills.
  2. If he is into adventurous activities like water rafting, kayaking, skiing, paragliding etc., you can sponsor his trip to an adventure camp with his buddies.
  3. Most teenagers love their motorcycles and cars so you can gift him accessories for his bikes and cars.
  4. Alarm clock on wheels is a great gift idea for those lazy late risers who face trouble in getting up in the morning as it jumps from your table if you try to press the snooze button.
  5. You can also give skateboards, which come in different designs, to the teen guy as it is considered very fashionable to ride a skateboard these days. You can also give him skateboard gear like knee cap and helmet to protect him from getting hurt after a fall.

Teen guys will love anything and everything which interests them and makes them noticed among their peers.