Gifts for Teen Girl's

Gifts express one’s love and affection towards the recipient and show him/her how much you appreciate her.

Girls who are in their teens are in the transitory phase i.e. they are yet to completely lose their innocent childhood and yet to fully achieve the womanhood. She is neither a woman nor a child. During this period, teen girls try to discover themselves, their hobbies, their talents, their thoughts, their values and their behavior. So a gift that has been selected after keeping their hobbies, likes and dislikes in mind are sure to be a hit with the teen girls.
Some gift ideas for teen girls are:

  1. Like teen guys, all the teen girls are conscious about their appearances and want to be appreciated by friends and family alike. So clothes that are fashionable and ‘in’ like t-shirts personalized with wacky and humorous messages, designer jeans or trousers, trendy belts and fashionable scarves are some of the great gift ideas.

If you are not confident whether your choice will match the choice of recipient, you can give her a gift card of a mall so that she can indulge in clothes of her own choice.

  1. Teen girls are sure to enjoy aromatic bath products like body wash, scrub and lotions. You can put them together in a gift basket and gift it to her. You can also put in her favorite brand of perfume and hand sanitizers into the gift basket.
  2. All girls love doing make-up so you can put together in a gift basket different shades of lipsticks, nail polish, an eyeliner and a mascara and make her feel loved and pampered.
  3. Teen girls are generally very sensitive and emotional by nature so you can put together her different photos in a collage and get it framed. Or else you can give her an album of her old photographs with personalized message written on each photo so that whenever she sees the album, she is reminded of the happy memories in her past and you.
  4. If the teen girl concerned has the habit of writing diary, you can give her a journal in which she can pen down her thoughts, her experiences – good or bad – of the day and any other tidbit she would like to jot down. This journal will definitely become her most prized possession.
  5. You can also give her gift coupons of a book store, a fast food joint, a famous mall and a spa so that she can use the gift coupon according to her wish.
  6. Wrist watches in trendy colors and designs may also be a great gift option for teen girls as they like to match their watch with the dress.
  7. Most teen girls just love to splurge on bags so a designer bag, a clutch or a tote bag could be an ideal gift for the teen girls who love to show off their latest acquisitions.
  8. If the teen girl concerned is an avid book reader, you can gift her books be it fiction on non-fiction. Teen girls are crazy about romantic novels like Mills and Boons so you can gift her latest book from the Mills and Boons series. If you want to give her non-fiction books, then you should select books on topics in which she is interested in like computers, dance, music or beauty.

Alternatively, you can buy her a gift certificate of a book store so that she can select books of her choice.

You can also gift her subscription of a teen or fashion magazine as there is no better teacher and companion than books.

  1. You can also gift her trendy pendants with matching earrings which she can wear with any outfit. You can also give her funky bangles that are available in the market.
  2. If she has an interest in performing arts like music or dance, you can get her enrolled in a training institute for honing her skills.
  3. Like boys and men, girls too like to possess latest electronic gadgets like notebooks or laptops, iPods, cell phones and digital camera so you can gift her latest model of any electronic gadget.
  4. If the teen girl concerned is interested in a particular sport, you can gift her sport equipments, sports gear or even enrolment in the coaching institute of her favorite sport. If she is interested in tennis, you can gift her tennis racquet or get her enrolled in a tennis coaching academy.
  5. You can also gift her a recipe book of her favorite cookery expert if she is interested in cooking. If she likes collecting recipes from various sources like newspapers, websites and cookery books, you can put them together in a scrapbook by jotting these recipes down. She will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Teen girls will definitely appreciate a heart-felt and thoughtful gift if the giver gives importance to her likes and dislikes and interests.