Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

16th birthday party ideas


Print a decent clipart image onto pink or white card. Add the party details. This work as a postcard invite, not a three-quarter fold.


You can use your kid’s favorite colors when decorating for "Sweet 16”. Whatever colors you select, make sure you get sufficient streamers, and balloons to fill the space. Make the tables look fabulous by covering them in bright fabric and adding an attractive centerpiece. Tie several balloons tight with it.


If it is a girls’ party invite some adults over to assist the girls for makeover right at home. A spa can also work if you can spend more. If boys are involved, provide plenty of music options. You can also organize a stage talent show and ask each teen come with an act to perform on the stage. Make sure you snap plenty of pictures and send them to the guests attached with the thank you cards.

Cake and Snacks

You need a great cake to bid adieu the night. A "Sweet 16" party only comes once in a lifetime, so make it a special cake. Make the layered cake in her favorite colors, or have the get the cake in the shape of a car or purse.

18th birthday party ideas

A Surprise Party

A surprise party is always a hit and an easy option. Generate a guest list, select a location a quite sushi restaurant and take your child to the designated location at the appointed time.

A Limo Adventure

Such party specifically appeals to teenage girls who wish to be glamorously dressed up. They can take the tour of the city, snap crazy photos of each other and catch up with finger licking dinner at a teen-pleasing restaurant.

A Shared Wisdom Party

This one is specifically nice for a family dinner. Get a large scrapbook, a few weeks ago the birthday, remove the heavy pages and send one to every member of your family and friends. Ask them to write their best life suggestion and any photos, if they wish to add, for the new bundle of joy. Present the bound scrapbook at the dinner and recite the pages aloud.

21st birthday ideas

Decorations & Favors

Let the theme party sign welcome your in invitees on 21st birthday.
Late ‘80s memorabilia can be a great theme for 21st birthday party.
Play 80's music and 80s movies to give it that touch.

Check out the 21st birthday decorating kits with your store.

Costumes/Dress Attire

Punk Wigs and jelly bracelets will rightly enliven the great 80's theme.
Baggy sweatshirts and legwarmers will recall the retro 80's look.

Games & Activities

The easiest game is a game of 80's era. Jeopardy proved to be a big hit in the 80's, and can work as a fun trivia game.
Play a small part of 80's Television shows or pictures and the competing teams will make a wild guess what movie/show the song was from.
A scavenger hunt is another great party event. Scavenger hunts carry guests into various locations, hunting for pre-defined objects, persons, or locations.

Food & Drink

Nachos, sombreros and salsa are great to have on each table. You can also include dipping sauce stuffed peppers for vegetarians.
Corona beer and wine coolers can serve the purpose of 80's theme. Ensure to have soda on hand for the teetotalers as well as water for all. Drinks should be served in bright fun light up mugs.